5 Easy, Affordable DIY Easter Table Centerpieces

Easter is fast approaching and you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to decorate your table, aren’t you? Whether you love DIY crafts or want to buy already made decorating items, we’ve got five easy Easter table decorations you can assemble yourself or with the kids. Sure to be popular with crafters of all ages, these fun and colorful centerpieces will brighten up any table and bring a little bit of spring indoors that your guests will love!

Candy parfait

Source: findingsilverlinings.net

All you need to create this cute centerpiece is a trip to the grocery store for a bunch of Easter candy! Layer different kinds of candy and some Easter grass in a clear glass vase. Colorful Peeps and peanut M&Ms work great. If you like, top off with some cut flowers or ribbon for a fresh spring look.




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