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5 Easy, Affordable DIY Easter Table Centerpieces

Easter is fast approaching and you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to decorate your table, aren’t you? Whether you love DIY crafts or want to buy already made decorating items, we’ve got five easy Easter table decorations you can assemble yourself or with the kids. Sure to be popular with crafters of all ages, these fun and colorful centerpieces will brighten up any table and bring a little bit of spring indoors that your guests will love!

Candy parfait


All you need to create this cute centerpiece is a trip to the grocery store for a bunch of Easter candy! Layer different kinds of candy and some Easter grass in a clear glass vase. Colorful Peeps and peanut M&Ms work great. If you like, top off with some cut flowers or ribbon for a fresh spring look.

Chick placeholders


These adorable chick placeholders celebrate the playful the essence of Easter: baby animals! For this one you’ll need a spoon and a small terra cotta pot for each person at your table, pastel paint, ribbon, cardstock for the name tags, some floral foam, and glue. Gently sand the shine off the spoons, then paint them a pastel color and add the beaks and eyes. Once you’ve painted the pots, glue some floral foam inside each pot and stick the spoon into the foam. Tie a ribbon around the “neck” of each chick. Create your name tags and glue them to each one. Your guests are sure to love them!

Floral Peeps


Pair a few vibrant tulips with Peeps in matching or various colors for a bright centerpiece with a spring feel. All you need are two containers or vases, a small one for the flowers and a larger one for the Peeps. Fill the smaller one with water and place it inside the larger one. This will keep the Peeps from getting waterlogged while maintaining the flowers’ freshness. Arrange the Peeps in the space between the two vessels, and voila!



You can buy egg-shaped candles at the Dollar Store or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try following this tutorial to make your own! Place the candles on a decorative tray or in a planter dish and accentuate with flowers or raffia (for a more rustic, nest-like look). A candle centerpiece will give your evening Easter gathering a more intimate atmosphere.

Easter mason jars


Upcycle your old mason jars (or pick up a few from Target for this purpose) to create a charming handmade centerpiece. All you need to do is paint each jar a pastel color, then use it as a vessel for flowers or greenery of your choice. Try varying the sizes of your jars for a more interesting look. You can be creative with the designs you paint on the jars, too — animal silhouettes are a cute option. Line up the jars in the center of your table and you’re set!

Happy crafting!

This post was republished with permission from LatinaMoms.com