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5 DIY Succulent Projects for Your Weekend

DIY Succulent Favorites

We love succulents! They are easy to plant, transplant, and maintain, making these cute cacti the best cheap-and-easy DIY accessories in your home. Succulents come in such a wide range of colors, shapes, and textures, and are simple to plant and keep alive.  The DIY gurus at HipLatina have gathered our favorites and we hope they inspire you to roll-up your sleeves, pick your favorites, and be creative.

Berry Basket Succulents HIpLatina
Berry Basket Succulents

The cutest Berry Basket planter can be found at and you can discover other great DIY ideas and tips.

The Hanging Mason Jars will add a little flare to any nook, wall, or space where you can hammer a nail to hang a jar. This can jazz up your office, actually we created this little project and hung in our ladies room.So simple, so cheap, and Oh So Very Pretty.

Air Plant DIY
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You can create and design your own planter with gray or colored cement. Mix and match! There are no rules in DIY crafting.

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This fun project can by found at

Wall Planter Easy DIY
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Curious? We certainly were when we discovered this great indoor planter. It’s a chic conversation starter, and very easy.

You can find the easy DIY instructions and supply list to create this cool project.


Cactus Planter DIY
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We have the saved the best one for last! This cactus planter takes just a few minutes to make and would be a great little planter for a succulent too.

Want more of our Favorites? Check out the Hip Garden Favorites and Trends on Pinterest.

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