Easy and Fabulous DIY Home Decor Items You Can Make at Home

We are spending more time at home than probably ever before

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

We are spending more time at home than probably ever before. We have quickly realized that our home is our nest, where we can relax, feel safe, and unwind. And whether or not we have anyone over, we want our most important space to look and feel good.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do too much to update your living space. And plenty, if not all of it, you can do yourself using inexpensive materials. Why not combine the natural urge to update your space for a new season with much-needed, trending DIY projects that keep us sane during quarantine? Create a timeless burlap wreath, update your rental’s kitchen without any permanent changes, or finally learn how to make your own candles? We have the time, so the time is now!Here are several fab DIY home decor projects that will instantly change your space and keep you creatively occupied.

How to Make a Burlap Wreath | 2 Minute Tutorial

A pretty wreath instantly adds pizzazz to your door, and let’s everyone from visitors to the delivery guy or gal know your home’s decor style. You can make your own burlap wreath in two minutes with this YouTube tutorial by Burlap Wreath. Added bonus? The wreath is a neutral version, meaning you can hang it up year-round and add special touches for each season and/or event.


DIY FAUX CERAMIC VASES: Testing Techniques, Paints and Thrifted Vases *Thrift Flip* | XO, MaCenna

Changing up your decor doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, you can take super inexpensive thrift store buys and flip them into something that looks like it came from an expensive home decor boutique. That’s exactly what XO, MaCenna does on your YouTube channel. In this video, she shows us how to use thrifted vases to make stylish trending-yet-classic faux ceramic vases.


DIY Bohemian Room Decor Ideas – Warm + Cozy DIY Ideas for 2020

Boho home items make your abode feel warm, cozy, and vintage-y. This tutorial by Lone Fox features not one, but several home decor DIYs that have that bohemian look. You’ll have fun getting artsy and crafty with supplies including macrame cord, clay, wooden beads, rattan, and a glue gun.


$1 DIY HOME DECOR IDEAS | DOLLAR TREE DIY’s 2020 | Anthropologie Inspired

If you look at YouTube home decor videos, you will find many that will show you how to take something from the dollar store and make it look like something that costs 10 times that. Like this video from DIY Home & Crafts. It will show you how to make various home decor projects, inspired by Anthropologie, for a fraction of the cost using Dollar Tree finds.



Yes, we know that it’s still summer, but if you look in stores like Target, At Home, and Michaels, you will already see plenty of fall decor, including the classic pumpkin. Before you buy one there, why not create a centerpiece-worthy pumpkin of your own with a helpful Youtube tutorial? This video, by Jessica Giffin, will teach you how to make cute pumpkin decor in the popular farmhouse style.


Newspaper… DIY Room Decor! DIY Projects

Chances are, there’s a lot of paper in your home. Newspapers, magazines, old books, wrapping paper, and more. You can use that paper to make pretty home decor, such as wreaths, frames and angel wings, after watching this DIY how-to by Hetal’s Art.


DIY Wall hanging SUNBURST MIRROR almost FREE


Sunburst mirrors are simply stunning, adding a bold effect to any wall. Many are pretty pricey, but did you know that it’s easy to make your own stylish sun mirror?! Yes! Whether it’s using bamboo barbecue skewers, or foam boards like Fancy Vibes does in this video, it’s simple to take a simple round mirror and take it up into the solar system.


EASY DIY AIR DRY CLAY PROJECTS | Boho Wall Hanging, Scandi Plant Hanger, Modern Jewelry Dish

There’s a good chance you’re looking for cool new materials to get artsy with. We have the time, after all. Clay is easy to work with, and with it, you can make so many different things that would look fabulous in the home. In this video, by Tina Le, you’ll learn how to make a boho wall hanging, Scandinavian-inspired plant hanger, and a cool jewelry dish with clay, macrame cord, and other craft supplies.


10 Outdoor DIY Projects that look amazing! | Outdoor DIY & Décor Challenge

A fab front porch, spacious patio, or balcony up and away from the world means so much more now that we aren’t spending as much time outside as we normally would. That’s why this space should be comfy, stylish, and totally you. This YouTube video by The DIY Mommy shows you many different ways in which you can give your outdoor space an instant facelift. These include a DIY farmhouse jute rug, an upcycled tire ottoman, and a DIY log bench.



Farmhouse decor is majorly on-trend right now. It offers plenty of crisp and classic white and black, touches of warm wood, homey family sayings, and the cute country-ness of living in a modern farmhouse. But you don’t have to pay a pretty penny for this trending look. It’s so easy to make your own modern farmhouse decor. You can reference DIY Home & Craft’s video, that shows you how to make five amazing farmhouse-inspired decor items for the kitchen, all using materials from Dollar Tree.


How to Make Soy Wax Candles – Tips and Tricks from an Expert | Bramble Berry

You know you’ve always wanted to make your own candle, at least once. Well, we all have a bit of extra time at home to finally make that boho-artsy dream come true. You can learn to make a healthier version of a candle, made with soy wax, smelling how you want it to, and in the container of your choice, by following this DIY video by Bramble Berry. It will save you tons of money, and give you a cool sense of accomplishment.


The Easiest Decor DIYs Ever (Seriously)

DIYs don’t have to be complicated. They’re meant to be easy, save you money, and be fun! Alexandra Gater shows us several different home decor DIYs that “anyone can make.” These include a colorful calendar made with paint chips, and a pom pom decorated storage basket.

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