Easy DIY Fall Decor That Will Keep Your Home Looking Slayed

Chances are, you are reading this from home

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

Chances are, you are reading this from home. This year more than ever, we are working, studying, and living more in the comfort of our own casa. This is fun if you have activities to keep you and the fam busy, entertained, and excited to expand knowledge and experience. But if not, you can oftentimes feel bored, isolated, and needing something new to look forward to in your day. This is where some fun, creative crafts come into play.

Nothing unites a bored group like some cool DIY projects. And since fabulous fall is finally here, this means making things that pay homage to Halloween, Thanksgiving and just autumn in general. It may be 2020, but if you’ve decorated every other year once late September comes around, why should you let this horrid year stop you now?! The holiday spirit is just what any pandemic-era household needs for an inexpensive pick-me-up.

We searched the eternal rabbit hole that is YouTube for some super cool, easy to execute, and relatively inexpensive DIYs that celebrate fall. So, get the family and/or close friends together (but not in a large group!) and unwind with some artsy time that will leave your homes feeling cozier and more ready for the holidays.

$1 PUMPKINS by Practically Home

The dollar store is brimming with great, inexpensive holiday decor. But, there are plenty of YouTube videos that will show you how to take these items up a notch, and make them look luxe. One is this tutorial by Practically Home. In it, she takes $1 pumpkins and paints them so they have an elegant chalk finish.


Easy DIY Wreath Ideas by Valerie Aguiar

One of the first things many people do when the seasons change is change the wreath on their door. When fall rolls around, wreaths come alive with orange, red, and yellow leaves, acorns, pumpkins, and more. These beauties are often expensive, but there are many ways to make your own DIY wreaths at home using supplies from the craft store. This video from Valerie Aguiar shows you how to make an autumn-ready wreath in no time.


Crafting with Fall Leaves by Lori Allred

Pinterest is another great resource for DIY projects the family will love. Lori Allred shows us several fall projects that she sourced from the artsy social network that anyone can recreate at home. In addition to that, she shows us how to make a cool leaf bowl, and DIY glitter leaves.


3 Ways to Make Soy Candles by The DIY Mommy

Another fabulous way to celebrate a new season is to indulge in its signature scents. For fall, you’ll be smelling a lot of spices, vanilla, and other soothing scents, especially in the form of candles. But those candles can be expensive, especially if you want a healthy, non-toxic version. Thankfully The DIY Mommy shows us how to make our own soy candles at home, using essential oils, dried herbs/lavender, and soy wax flakes. Make some for yourself, and as she suggests, use others as fabulous holiday gifts!


4 DIY Blankets by BuzzFeed Nifty

Fall is a super cozy season. This is when the scarves, socks, and blankets come out. Why not make yourself a comfy blanket that not only will keep you covered while you work, study, and/or lounge at home, but also give a boost to your holiday decor? Follow this video by BuzzFeed Nifty to learn how to make four different types of blankets, and when you’re done, throw it casually over the corner of your couch for a chic look.


DIY FALL DECOR for 7 Interior Decor Styles by XO, MaCenna

Not all fall decor has to be exactly the same. If you have a particular design style in your home, like bohemian, coastal, or mid-century, then why not have your fall decor items also fall within those themes? XO, MaCenna shows us how to create fall decor for seven different decorating styles: contemporary, coastal, Southwestern, bohemian, mid-century modern, Scandinavian, and Art Deco.


5 minute Crafts by Megan Weller

Sometimes we don’t want to take on a video’s DIY project(s) because we don’t want to spend the extra money over at the craft store. But fret not. There are ways to get creative with items you already have at home! Just follow this video by Megan Weller that makes autumn-worthy decor out of things like toilet paper and paper towel rolls, glue, wax paper, crayon shavings, and sticks.



We didn’t forget about Halloween! It’s so fun to make your abode spooky for October 31. Over at 5-Minute Crafts, they compiled a video with 33 crafts perfect for Halloween. You can spend a whole weekend getting creative and making these fun crafts with the fam and/or friends.


Simple Fall Craft DIYs by The Retro Farmhouse

Thanksgiving definitely has a color palette. The burnished hues of falling leaves, the brown of pine cones and freshly baked turkeys. The rich orange of pumpkins. And we like to have our homes reflect these seasonal colors from nature. In this YouTube tutorial, The Retro Farmhouse shares simple fall DIYs that bring the outside in–sometimes literally!


7 Awesome Fall Craft Ideas by Craft Factory

Crafts are so much fun, and even more fun for kids! Have the fam help you out with these seven DIY autumn crafts by Craft Factory. These are: a DIY bird feeder, a DIY sparkly leaf mobile, a DIY leaf-coated candle, a leaf hedgehog craft, a pumpkin candle, a scented mobile, and scented autumn oil.


10 DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas by HGTV Handmade

Halloween decor doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make so many of these creepy, crawly things at home, just as evidenced by this DIY decor video from HGTV Homemade. In it, you learn how to make 10 fun projects, from eyeball, and crow wreathes, to yarn spiderwebs, and “creepy jar heads.”


DIY Fall + Autumn Room Decor by Lone Fox

You can have expensive-looking decor without the high price tag. All you need is some creativity and helpful YouTube videos like this one. Using the decor often sold at Anthropologie as inspiration, Lone Fox shows us yet again how to get the look you want without sacrificing thriftiness. Make a plush velvet pumpkin, a painterly vase/candle holder, a leafy resined box lid (make sure to use resin outside where it’s well-ventilated!), and more.



A smart trick for seasonal decorating is to get as much as you can at the dollar store and upgrade what you want with simple DIY tips and tricks. That’s what Fia Garcia did in this Dollar Tree Fall Decor video. She takes cheap items and makes them look like they came from high-end stores with just a little neutral paint, a glue gun, and a lot of imagination.

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