Easy DIY, Low Cost or No Cost Kitchen Improvements

Remodeling the kitchen is a popular home improvement project these days, but it is important to think things through before you take that drastic step

Photo: Unsplash/@mackiec

Photo: Unsplash/@mackiec

Remodeling the kitchen is a popular home improvement project these days, but it is important to think things through before you take that drastic step. You probably know someone whose seemingly simple kitchen remodel quickly ballooned into a huge pit of money and time.

If you want to enjoy your kitchen more without losing use of it for weeks on end, you might want to take a simpler approach. You don’t have to totally redo your kitchen to make it more practical and more useful. Here are some easy ways to make your existing kitchen better.

Put Your Best Cookware on Display

You spent a lot of money on those fancy copper pans and stainless steel pots, so why hide them in overcrowded cabinets? With a few simple storage solutions and a couple of decorative hooks, you can make your favorite cookware part a central part of your kitchen décor.

Don’t forget to hang up your most frequently used cooking utensils as well (like a slotted metal spoon). Not only will they be easier to reach and more accessible, but your kitchen will look more festive. With all that cookware on display, your dinner guests will think they have stepped into a restaurant.


Divide and Conquer

Your kitchen serves a number of important purposes. It’s the place where you prepare your meals and enjoy quality family time. It’s the place where you unpack your groceries and put those fresh ingredients away. The kitchen island may even be the place where your kids sit and do their homework.

You can make all of those common tasks easier by giving each of them their space. From placing a charging station in the corner for your kids to plug in to reorganizing the cabinets closest to where you unpack the groceries, a few simple changes could have a major impact on your convenience.

Maximize Your Storage Space

One of the most common reasons homeowners remodel their kitchens is to gain more cabinet space, but you may do just well by maximizing the space you already have. Start by going through your kitchen cabinets, removing everything and throwing away anything that is expired. You can donate any unwanted canned goods and other grocery items to a local food bank.

Once your cabinets are cleared of unwanted and expired items, you can work on organization and maximizing your storage space. Take a fresh look at how you are using all your cabinets and shelves looking for issues—sometimes we can live in a space for years without seeing simple solutions, simply because we weren’t looking for them. Try to view the room the way a stranger would to determine the logical places to store different items. Once that task is complete, you can look to tools like cabinet inserts and rotating storage racks.

Cabinet inserts like can holders can greatly increase the number of items you can pack in, and a revolving storage rack can keep everything within easy reach.

Whether your kitchen is large and spacious or tiny and cramped, a few easy tweaks could make your cooking space more functional and your meal preparation easier and more fun. You don’t have to spend a fortune on an expensive kitchen remodel to enjoy the kitchen of your dreams— when all is said and done, you’ll be surprised at the difference a few simple changes can make.

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