DIY Winter Projects: From The Bedroom to the Kitchen

From our archives: Fight cabin fever these cool months with easy DIY home improvement winter projects to get your home into shape

Photo: Unsplash/@jakegoossen

Photo: Unsplash/@jakegoossen

From our archives:

Fight cabin fever these cool months with easy DIY home improvement winter projects to get your home into shape. Here are a few tips for a productive day when winter weather pushes you inside and clutter zones seem out of control..

Free up kitchen space. 

Repurpose your kitchen’s faux drawer by using it as a base for a paper-towel holder. Kitchens are usually in need of more counter space, and this keeps paper towels within easy reach and at a kid-friendly height. Measure the width of your faux drawer and the approximate circumference of a full paper roll of paper towels, then bring the measurements to your local hardware store to find a perfectly sized rod. Fasten the paper towel rod with a few screws. More ideas can be found on HipLatina’s Great Ideas board here.

Organize winter boots.

Keep muddy and wet boots from making a mess by creating a simple and clever shoe rack. Use an old baking sheet with deep sides and fill it with flat stones to create a drying rack that will drain water. Add a little flair by painting the stones or choosing ones with shine, or clear, colored glass. The drying rack can be part of your home decor or it can be hidden away in the foot space of a closet.

Change up the bedroom.

Liven up your bedroom with a new fabric headboard. It’s easy to add bright colors or a new texture to your bedroom using fabrics. Find a lightweight, wooden frame or use your current headboard and stretch soft upholstery padding across the entire surface. Adhere the padding with a staple gun. Next, cut squares of fabric for a quilted look, or one long piece and cover the padding. You can personalize your headboard by using old concert t-shirts or by making your own textile using fabric paints—this way you can incorporate the kids’ artwork too!

Make teacup candles.

Chipped teacups or unused china can still be decorative even after they can’t be used on the dining room table. Rather than let them gather dust, use them to create customized candles for your home. Melt soy wax or beeswax from a craft store in a double boiler. Add fresh mint, lemon zest, and a few drops of scented essential oils to your melted wax. Place an appropriate sized wick in the bottom of the teacup and pour in the wax. Let it harden overnight.

Don’t let winter ruin your plans, use the extra time to create a hassle-free space and prepare for the spring activities to come. Tweet us photos of your DIY winter projects! @Hip_Latina

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