Photo: Unsplash/@bel2000a

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day With Your Boo

We all know that red is the unofficial color of Valentine’s Day but I think we should also include a little green and make it environmentally friendly.

Outside of the chocolates, roses and dinner reservations, there are many ways to green your Valentine’s Day. Be it a date spent out in nature, or an eco-friendly gift idea, check out some of these ways to show the earth you love her too!

Make a romantic, organically candle lit dinner at home. It’s cheaper, less stress of finding a reservation at the right place, and perfectly private – ooh lala!

Make your own cards or support a local artist who hand makes cards from recycled materials. Also shop online at spots like Tiny Prints.

Buy and give a locally, organic grown plant. Your loved one will be able to enjoy it a lot longer than expensive flowers that will wilt as soon as the clock strikes midnight on the 15th ; ) Or better yet, plant a tree and as your love grows, the tree will be a reminder of when the seed was planted!

Instead of the usual dinner date, go on a hike and pack a picnic. Get out in nature and enjoy a delicious meal overlooking a gorgeous view!

Book a retreat in a wildlife reserve, park or natural area. Your business will help support the running of such establishments.

Ice skating on a frozen lake. Well, be sure it’s safe but it’s a highly fun and romantic way to enjoy the season.

Volunteer! You and your main squeeze can share your love with others by making a date to help an organization in need. Be it helping out at an animal shelter or habitat for humanity, nothing is more fulfilling then helping others.

Sow the seeds of love. Spend the day planting an organic garden. This way you enjoy a mutual activity and get to enjoy the health, eco-friendly and budget benefits all year long!

No matter if you’ve got a honey or not, be sure to make it a day full of love and fun!