25 Ways You Can Educate Everyone About Feminism

Photo: LOCKSGIRLL/Pinterest

Feminism is a highly charged word. It stirs so many emotions in people of all genders when they hear it — pride, confusion, hope, anger. And it causes a lot of ignorance to come out into the light. In an effort to push feminism forward and get more people on board with this essential equality all women deserve, we need to have even more conversations and educate those who either don’t understand the concept of feminism or have outdated ideas on the topic.

So we’re here to offer some great pointers and facts that you can serve up whenever you get into that next debate about feminism (cause you know it’s going to happen again). While you won’t be able to change everyone’s mind, you can provide information and encourage others to share their newfound knowledge. Because, as we all know, knowledge is power.




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