Photo: Wikimedia Commons/The Office of Congressman Ted Deutch

This Picture of Emma Gonzalez Is Going Viral For the Wrong Reason

On the day thousands of people throughout the world were protesting gun violence, others — not supportive of this movement — were targeting Emma Gonzalez.

There’s no denying the incredible gathering at the March Of Our Lives protest in D.C. and elsewhere, but some conservatives fought back with their own message: Emma Gonzalez doesn’t believe in the constitution.

An image of the young leader went viral on Twitter yesterday, which depicted her tearing up the constitution. But the problem is, it’s not real. Emma was photoshopped ripping the constitution in half, but the original image has Emma tearing up a target practice poster.

Samhita Mukhopadh-YAY, Executive Editor of Teen Vogue tweeted the difference between the real image and the photoshopped picture.

The original image was used in a Teen Vogue spread that featured Emma, among others. Here’s a closer look at the original picture.

The doctored started spreading on Twitter hours after the March Of Our Lives demonstration had concluded.

To see other examples, click here and here.
Emma has yet to make a comment about the fake picture, but really there’s no need. Her real picture speaks for itself.