5 Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned From Watching Netflix’s ‘Girlboss’

I binged

Photo: Unsplash/@brookelark

Photo: Unsplash/@brookelark

I binged. I saw. I conquered.

I was on the fence about watching the Netflix adaptation of the Girlboss book by Nasty Gal founder, Sophia Amoruso. I read the book and was intrigued to see the Netflix version to see how it would represent the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

After binge watching all the episodes in a weekend, I came away with five core lessons everyone must learn before committing to the entrepreneurial journey. (Editor’s note: Some spoilers ahead)

1. To thy own self be true.

Success is contingent on your ability to cultivate self awareness. If you’re not crystal clear about who you are and what you’re really like, it’s going to wreak havoc on your professional career. Some entrepreneurs just can’t conform to the traditional 9-5 hustle. There are those who wake up at 4am and spend their mornings reading news and writing books. Then there are those who thrive in the night owl rhythm. Be honest with yourself and go with your intuition.

Girlboss scene: When Sophia steals her manager’s sandwich, while surfing the web – it’s pretty clear the shoe store job was not for her.

2. Be creative.

There’s more to creativity than flashy graphics and a stylish website. At times, creativity is a state of mind; it’s how you innovate your approach to something. Whether it’s taking photos in your busted apartment and styling it to look “vintage” or getting support from your friends to make the hustle work. Whatever you pursue, the ability to think, be, and do things creatively will go a long way.

Girlboss scene: When Sophia rents out an abandoned warehouse to serve as the showroom for her first collection.

3. Bridge job = angel investor.

The idea of a bridge job is when you take on traditional employment specifically to support the entrepreneurial hustle. This could be working as a waitress, bartender, graphic designer for an advertising agency, or substitute teacher in private school. A bridge job gives you the financial cushion so that you can pay for the “dream.”

Girlboss scene: When Sophia takes on a front desk job just to get the health benefits, in order to treat her hernia.


4. Do the inner work.

The entrepreneurial journey is going to bring up a ton of issues, including the relationship you have or had with your parents. What was interesting about Girlboss was how it touched on her upbringing. The way we’re raised leaves enough of an impression in our subconscious and those experience show up in our adult life. You don’t know what you don’t know, which is why seeing a therapist before jumping into the entrepreneurial journey is something I can’t stress enough.

Girlboss scene: When Sophia reunites with her mom and has that aha moment about herself and how she needs to change her ways.

5. Nurture your relationships.

When you decide to pursue a path that is uncertain, unknown, and far from being steady, there are going to be plenty of naysayers. Some of these people will be close family and friends. There will also be those who stand tall and proud of your courageous moves. Keep your cheerleaders close and don’t neglect those relationships. Rarely do we rise to greatness on our own. Success is a team effort, even if your team is a crew of three.

Girlboss scene: When Sophia comes this close to losing her best friend after taking her out of her top eight on Myspace.

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