The Essential Fall Nail Polish Palette: 9 Colors to Try Now

Nail polish is the perfect accessory for your outfits

Photo: Unsplash/@dancristianp

Photo: Unsplash/@dancristianp

Deep Red, Dark Berry, Purples, and Metallic Purple



A warm color that you would normally associate with summer, terracotta is a nail polish trend for fall and winter. It’s great when you want a neutral polish, but something with a little more color and oomph.

Greys and Brown Greys

Speaking of neutrals with more color and oomph, greys are another on-trend end-of-year option. Greys and brown-greys will be big.

Smoky Teal

Now here’s something different—smoky teal. It’s like a summer color that got the fall treatment.

Dark Greens

More along the lines of traditional fall colors, but something a little different, we have dark greens. Both dark olive green and forest green nail polish was seen on the fall runways.

Light Neutrals

While some go straight to dark colors when the temperatures drop, others run in the opposite direction and go light. From white, to nude, to soft pink, light neutrals is a nail polish trend that will coordinate with your entire wardrobe.

Glitter and Glitter Ombre

The end of the year is a time where we love to reach for the sparkly, celebratory shades. The fall/winter runways featured both ombre glitter and full-on glitter nails.

Cobalt Blue

Go bold or go home. Cobalt blue is an unexpected pop of color for fall and winter, and a fun way to liven up neutral outfits.

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