Photo: Unsplash/@jentheodore

What to Expect With Your First Card Reading

What do you think a card reading is? Do you have visions of an old gypsy woman telling you that you’re going to meet your soulmate at the age of 24 while buying organic avocados at Whole Foods? Do you think of Walter Mercado lamenting about how you will experience hardship at your job but you will overcome them if you play some random set of numbers: 4, 52, 19, 27?

A card reading, generally speaking, is not fortune telling or predictive. Anyone can learn to read cards which is important to remember when you’re getting your cards read because the experience will be determined by the reader’s style, personality, and skills. In my 20s I was a reader and decided to get my cards read by one of those random psychics on the streets in NYC. The experience showed me why people are skeptical and cynical about card readings.

Here are five things you should expect from your first reading:

An experience with someone who is kind, friendly, and approachable.

Your reader should have basic people skills and enough manners to not be rude. When they’re interacting with you, intuition is a key but so is the ability to read body language, recognize changes in your voice, and get an overall sense of your energy. Research your reader before scheduling your session with them. Get a sense for their personality and style. See if their approach vibes with you. Having a reading done is an intimate experience.

You may be asked questions about yourself, or you may not.

Some readers have genuine psychic abilities and prefer to go by their own intuition. Others may want clarity on what exactly you expect from the reading. Neither one is better than the other. This comes down to the reader’s style.

Expect a conversation.

Many readers will ask you “does this make sense?” Remember that they’re interpreting what they see but need you to help provide the context. Don’t be surprised if you go into a reading asking about your love life and walk away with insight about how to approach a conflict in your family. Your conscious mind may want to go down one path while your spirit guides may be whispering in your reader’s ear that you need to go down a different path.

Opportunity for clarity and follow up.

Once a reading is done, you may be asked if you have questions. I recommend taking notes during your reading, unless your reading is done via phone and recorded. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if something is not clear or if you need further clarity. You don’t want to go down a rabbit’s hole with your questions but do ask for clarity if something needs additional explaining. Try to avoid “why” questions and stick with clear direct questions such as “When exactly does it look like I’ll be moving to Miami? In 3 months or 12?”

A fresh perspective of your situation.

Walk in with an open mind and don’t assume that a reading will give you the answers. You will still need to do the work for your inner reflection. A card reading helps shed light on your situation. They help give you clarity and a new way to approach things but they don’t tell you what you need to do. That kind of work falls on you.

If this is your first card reading, you may want to ask around for referrals. When someone is great at reading cards, word of mouth will do most of their marketing. You’ll be surprised at who in your circle of friends and family has someone they go to for readings. You can also hop onto Instagram and get to know some awesome readers.