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3 Steps When Facing a Mountain in Your Life

Sometimes people are facing real things and I often find myself minimizing it because my motto is if we have air in our lungs, a beating heart and a roof over our heads, then we have so much to be grateful for. I was homeless for a couple of months when I moved to NYC and so I trained myself to look for the light in the darkest of situations.

But lately, in the past few weeks, I noticed a lot of people going through it as the collective purged all the old programming of a faded and quickly becoming obsolete old paradigm. So I wanted to share 3 steps to dive into when facing a mountain in your life, despite how little or how huge it may be impacting your life.


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Would you trade places? . When I first started coaching, so many opinions being thrown around as facts. Instead of questions, so many assumptions. . People so quick to respond and offer their advice as coaches, and yet when I looked at their life, at their non existent business, at their non existent love life, and most importantly who they were being, I was not enrolled. . I love people and yet I’m very discerning with who I take coaching and advise from. . If I wasn’t willing to trade bank accounts with you, you were not my money person. . If I wasn’t willing to trade homes with you, you were not my lifestyle person. . If I wasn’t inspired by your love life, you were not my love coach. . No one can do the inner work for you, and not everyone should have a seat at your council, because not everyone KNOWS WHAT IT TAKES to create and sustain multiple 7 figure businesses, a love life that thrives despite the curveballs, a lifestyle and being-ness that exudes and radiates authenticity, fulfillment and vitality on all levels. . And I am still a very much work in progress, masterpiece in the making on my own journey of learning and unlearning.. which is why I have 2 mindset and business coaches, as well as a handpicked group I fully trust to hold space and call me forward. . So many people buying into the curated lifestyles on social media, very few people willing to do what it takes to achieve the lifestyle and mission they dream of. . You have EVERYTHING you need to achieve way more than you think and dream of. And sometimes the biggest addition is by subtracting the noise and all the distraction. . What will you subtract and tune out today? . All my luv.. you so got this! . 💜 . . P.S. DM me if you are looking for a master coach to hold you to the fire of alchemizing your dreams into real life.. I have two openings. . . #Creating2019 #Additionbysubtraction

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Pretending it’s not there doesn’t work. Love and lighting the situation into God’s perfect plan as we sweep it under the rug does nothing. We get to acknowledge it. You don’t have to go into full story mode if you don’t feel comfortable. But acknowledging it sometimes takes off the huge burden of the 500-pound gorilla that you’ve been carrying internally.

Acknowledging the mountain makes you REAL. It opens up conversations that create different perspectives, as well as opens up the door to receive support even if it’s just words of encouragement when you run out of for yourself.

You cannot heal what you are hiding.


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Love is… . Tough. Challenging. Heart breaking. . It’s hard. Yes it’s all the beautiful things too. But so often we forget to acknowledge how gut wrenching it can be. It’s a mirror that amplifies all your great qualities, but also all your flaws. You see it clearly through the mirror. . Us ladies have been brainwashed to believe there will be a Prince Charming ready and willing to save us from the evil witch. But what they failed to say is that the evil witch wasn’t a person or a thing. . She was the voice of our wounded minds, the walls around our wounded hearts and the traps our wounded egos set up for us. . And the more we waited on Prince Charming to do his thing, the more we failed to realize Prince Charming also had his wounded ego to unravel, and his brick wall around his heart to dismantle. . Relationships take massive work. And it’s easy to point fingers and call them narcissist when we’re not able to control how another acts. It’s much harder to access humility and compassion when we are deeply hurt by the action of another. . The entire community lynches the one to commit the indecency. When the person commits the crime, friends and family are quick to say: just leave him or her. Cause it’s easier. . Very few people will listen without taking sides. Very few people will honor the choice you made to face the fire. Very few people will understand the moment was a product of the environment. . I guess that’s why divorces are trending. Very few people diving in when it really matters. When it’s hard and challenging AF. And community will reflect back to you what their version of love is. . I don’t condone physical abuse and yet I’ve seen loved ones destroy each other without ever raising a finger. . Do what feels good to you. . If the love you are receiving from the one you love doesn’t feel good, leave. If you choose to stick it through, stay and own it. But do the work. Hold each other accountable to dive inward and face the inner demons, because it’s the only way to set yourself (and the relationship) free. . . . #loveisaverb

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A lot of times it’s a denial that gets us in trouble and resistance keeps fueling it. Acceptance doesn’t mean defeat or resignation. Acceptance is calling it forward.. that unhealed vulnerable aspect within ourselves to be loved, witnessed and accepted.

The acceptance frees up the resistance, it relinquishes the fight and moves into honor. This is the situation and I honor that I am the creator of this creation. Sometimes it’s easy and some days it’s a full-blown practice. But by accepting it as your creation based on past beliefs and fears and old programming, you now have the greatest opportunity to heal and take full charge of what you intend to create going forward.


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One soul sharing 7+ billion bodies and countless life among the animal and sea kingdom. . I heard a call to serve and came down like a shooting star. My purpose will always be to serve the collective in my highest potential and for the greatness of mama Gaia and all her beings. . Reminding all beings to live their truth by how well I live my own. . So many of us here to serve a calling that makes us seem crazy. . Crazy in luv on a mission that burns in our heart so bright in our own unique way. . Sometimes I forget that the Goddess always intended for us to play big and to play together, honoring each other’s journey by reminding each other of who we really are whenever we forget. . That I get to let people in and open my heart. That boundaries are necessary but only rooted in values. . I get to show up for my little girl and all the little girls across all dimensions. . That I get to live my truth and TRUST the journey, for all events and stories only emerge to have us dive deeper as we dismantle this illusion our foggy mirror creates. . The next chapter seems foreign. Yet paved in forgiveness. My heart knows there’s nothing to forgive. My mind is waving the symbol for crazy talk.. yup she def lost it. . But I get to keep dancing to the beat of my drum ‘for those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.’ . May we always follow the music of our soul especially when it doesn’t make sense! 🙏🏼 . #breathofthewild #themonarch

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We are never given more than we cannot hold and transform. Some mountains are done within a day, others can take a lifetime. But whatever burden we have created and attracted, we are also given the internal and external resources to reclaim victory and freedom.

Things happening externally means things are shifting big time in our inner word.  Success and defeat are two sides of the same coin. Both a belief that says we move closer or further away from our internal power source. We get to remain diligent and faithful with every micro step, in the smallness, in the details.

Because the biggest regret will be is that we gave up right before our breakthrough. Sometimes the breakthrough is holding on and sometimes the breakthrough is dropping all allegiances that had us believe we couldn’t stand on our own. Our power source, our inner being, is mightier than all the oceans roaring together, than every mountain you may be facing. We are carved from the image of pure perfection, pure potentiality, and ‘if the oceans roar its greatness, so will I.’

Keep your head up love, this too is medicine and fertilizer, setting you up for grander and greener pastures.