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16 of the Top Fall Beauty Trends You Should Know About

When we think of autumn beauty trends, we usually think darker colors, more subdued in style, and without too much fuss. That’s definitely not the case this year, ladies. While there are some great classic options for trends, Fall 2019 is all about sparkle, color, fun shapes, and more of that fun we’ve been having this spring and summer.

That’s why we wanted to share 16 of the coolest trends that you’ll want to start rocking. Since most of these trends originated on the Autumn/Winter 2019 runways, these styles will also have been in the fashion magazines through December. Though we recommend rocking them for as long as you want to! There are a lot of cool options to choose from, so have fun with it!

Pops of Color on the Eyes

Neutral black, brown, navy, and grey will always be a classic go-to, but it’s all about pops of color on the eyes right now. Your Instagram is no doubt flooded with photos of eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, and other eye makeup in all sorts of fun colors. It’s time to show off your personality — and cosmetics skills — and step outside that beauty box with a different hue.

Crystals on Makeup and Hair

Another trend that is not going anywhere is sparkle on hair. You’ve seen the crystal hair clips, barrettes, and other hair accessories, and those will still be in for fall. But you also will want to add some of that shimmer and shine to your facial beauty looks. Think crystals on the eyes, glittery eyeshadow, rhinestone freckles, and the like.

Glossy Lips

Fall is bringing on the shine in all sorts of ways when it comes to beauty trends. After what seems like endless seasons of matte lips, the glossy look is back — what a breath of fresh air! Lip gloss automatically makes your lips look fuller and draws attention to them, even if it’s a clear swipe over your natural lip color.

Crimped Hair


Biker shorts aren’t the only trend from the ’80s that has come back into style in 2019. Crimped hair is a thing, y’all. This, of course, is much cooler than the trend was the first time around — the style looks more like those pretty waves you get when you undo braids.

Graphic Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a major focus in makeup lately. You will see dramatic wings in all sort of colors; glittery lines; and different geometric, graphic shapes. Floating eyeliner, where the line is drawn above the lash line (often in the crease), is also a cool trend to try out.

Dewy Skin

We rocked the heck out of the ’90s trends, and a lot of them are still hanging around for the time being. But a shift we are seeing is the one from totally matte to glowy, shiny, and dewy. Beautiful, dewy skin will be everywhere in fall and winter 2019, so shine on m’ijas!

Smoky/Smudged Eyes

Another thing you’ll see in the beauty sphere for fall is a more haphazard way of applying makeup. An iteration of this is smokey, smudged eyeliner and shadow. It looks edgy, sexy, and effortless, despite the work and effort that you might actually be putting into it.

Rosy Blush

A rosy flush will always be a classic, but it’s having a major moment for fall and winter of this year. The pop of color is more on the obvious side, and it has even been applied super high on the cheek, and connecting with matching pink shadow. The effect is ethereal, feminine, and a total nod to ’70s disco makeup.

Pearl Everything


One of the huge trends for the entire year is pearls. We’re talking pearl everything — jewelry, hair accessories, even makeup. Yes, innovative MUAs are putting tiny pearls directly on the skin to mimic eyeliner, freckles, and even in designs. It’s a very creative way to really use their face as a canvas.

Glossy Lids

We weren’t kidding when we said that glossy makeup is a big thing this upcoming season. Glossy eyelids will be a popular version of this overall trend. You will see it in the form of completely clear gloss, as well as several different colors of shadow that have a shiny finish.

Pink/Mauve/Terracotta Eyes

While rose-colored blush will be a trending makeup idea for fall and winter, so will rosy eyeshadow. You will also see terracotta and mauve shadows, done up in a neutral smoky look that is attention-grabbing, yet soft and subtle. Pair with matching blush and lips for a very fall 2019 monochromatic moment!

Artsy Watercolor/Haphazard Eyes

While there will always be room for flawless, expertly-executed makeup, the Fall/Winter 2019 runways saw a lot of beautifully-messy, artsy eye makeup. The result looks almost like a colorful watercolor painting, and we are all here for something different and artistic!

Matte Red Lips

A more classic trend that is also a trend for the fall and winter of this year is the matte red lip. In some versions, it’s a more blotted, more undone type of lip. Some are more of a brighter red, while others lean more towards the brick side. Either way, the result is classic, bold, and glamorous.

’60s Mod Eyes

A lot of the focus when it comes to makeup looks this upcoming season will be on the eyes. A specific trend that would be fun to recreate is the 1960s mod, Twiggy dramatic eye. This means graphic geometric black liner, super mascaraed almost clumpy lashes, and even the drawn-on bottom lashes of the era. The look is striking, vintage-y, and fun!

Berry/Plum/Burgundy Lips

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We expect makeup and hair colors to get darker in the colder months, and these inkier hues to be on trend for the fall and winter seasons. A trend you will see this year are lips that are either berry/plum or burgundy in color.

Bold Lashes

We mentioned this a bit previously when we talked about ’60s mod eyes, but standout lashes themselves are going to be a trend in and of itself for fall and winter 2019. This means loads of mascara and mascara in all kinds of fun, unexpected colors.