24 Fall Nail Trends You’ll Want to Try Out

Photo: @missbettyrose/Instagram

In addition to searching for cozy sweaters, cute ankle boots, stylish scarves, rad jackets, on-trend accessories, and all the other things that the fall season brings with it, we also can’t wait to see what the latest and greatest nail trends are. What will be the chic go-to colors? What designs will all fashionable people be wearing? Is my fave nail shape still in style? We want all these questions answered — STAT!

Luckily, you won’t have to scour all the beauty articles online, scroll endlessly on Instagram, or ask your nail tech. We did all the research for you and found 24 of the top nail trends for Fall and Winter of 2019. Since fashionistas like to be in the loop the minute a beauty trend hits the runways, you may have seen these trends around already, but they will still be going strong for the rest of the year. Choose your faves and try them out on your nails next!




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