24 Fall Nail Trends You’ll Want to Try Out

In addition to searching for cozy sweaters, cute ankle boots, stylish scarves, rad jackets, on-trend accessories, and all the other things that the fall season brings with it, we also can’t wait to see what the latest and greatest nail trends are. What will be the chic go-to colors? What designs will all fashionable people

Photo: Unsplash/@deannaalys

Photo: Unsplash/@deannaalys

In addition to searching for cozy sweaters, cute ankle boots, stylish scarves, rad jackets, on-trend accessories, and all the other things that the fall season brings with it, we also can’t wait to see what the latest and greatest nail trends are. What will be the chic go-to colors? What designs will all fashionable people be wearing? Is my fave nail shape still in style? We want all these questions answered — STAT!

Luckily, you won’t have to scour all the beauty articles online, scroll endlessly on Instagram, or ask your nail tech. We did all the research for you and found 24 of the top nail trends for Fall and Winter of 2019. Since fashionistas like to be in the loop the minute a beauty trend hits the runways, you may have seen these trends around already, but they will still be going strong for the rest of the year. Choose your faves and try them out on your nails next!


Tortoiseshell has been a major trend this year, seen on all sorts of accessories, from sunglasses to jewelry, to handbags. It’s only natural that the trend would extend into the world of nails. The result is so luxe and chic. You get the benefit of natural, neutral colors that go with so many outfit choices, but a chic classic touch that only timeless tortoiseshell can deliver.

French, Reverse French, and Modern French Manicures

Fashion is revisiting classics, and of course, modernizing them with stylish revamps. Blame this on the ’90s revival experienced across both fashion and beauty, but French manicures are definitely a thing again for Fall 2019. You will see traditional white French manis, reverse French manicures (where a white or contrasting half-moon is at the base of the nail, instead of that being painted across the top), and colorful and out-of-the-box interpretations of this easily-recognizable nail style.

Pearl Accents and Pearlescent Polish

Pearls are having such a huge moment right now. Again, this is classic and chic, reimagined today. You will see many people applying pearls to their nails for a cool 3-D look, and others going more demure with a pearlescent nail polish. And some who will do both on their nails, together! It’s a look that equals instant glam, yet goes with most everything it’s worn with.

Long Acrylic Nails

Another trend we can trace to the ’90s, but one that many Latinxs have been rocking continuously since then, or earlier, are super long, acrylic nails. We’ve been about that life! The look is long, sleek, and in every shade and pattern of polish(es), from neutral white ombre, to all-out neon craziness, and deep dark shades. Shapes include square, stiletto, and coffin/ballerina.


If you’re like me, you don’t need any excuse to constantly wear something glittery. Glitter adds sparkle, shine, and a luxe touch to anything everyday and ordinary. And it’s a fall and winter trend for nails! Perfect for the holidays, or any other time when you want to be a bit extra.

3-D Appliques

Whether you want something to add dimension and interest to bare or nude nails or a finishing touch to a cool design or pop of color, 3-D appliques might be the fall nail trend for you. You will see pearls, crystals, chains, textured acrylic designs, and other sorts of cool additions to uñas.

Marbled and Ombre Nails

There are a lot of luxurious nail trends for fall! Two other trends that you will see are nails with a marbled effect, and an ombre look. They both elevate the nail from a traditional one-color effect, involving two or more hues layered in a way that makes it obvious your nail tech spent more time, care, and skill on your uñas.

Medium-Length Almond Nails

It’s great that beauty trends are varied, and not just one look that everyone is supposed to follow. For nail lengths for fall, there are several on-trend choices, but you know it’s all about doing what you want and representing your unique style! That being said, medium-length almond nails will still be in vogue for fall and winter. They’re long enough to add some cool designs, colors, and effects to, but also demure, and easy to work with in everyday life.


We utilize fashion and beauty to share messages about who we are, on a daily basis. This nail trend just takes the idea literally. For fall, you will see letters and words emblazoned on uñas, letting you know a bit about the person sporting them.

Terracotta, Cinnamon, Burnt Coral, and Other Oranges

You may have noticed when looking at clothing, accessories, and beauty products, but this fall is so much about warm, orange-y colors like rust, copper, cinnamon, terracotta, and burnt coral. This trend will extend to nails as well. They’re autumn-perfect (fall leaves! Halloween! Thanksgiving!), but also add a nice, rich dose of color to neutrals.

Dark Teal and Other Dark Blues

For those who don’t like warm colors, or want to try something on the other side of the orange-colored spectrum, there is the dark blues trend for nails. You will see dark teal especially, as well as other dark blue hues like navy. It’s a perfect tone for fall, but something a little different than the usual black, burgundy, and dark plum we usually see this time of year.

Leopard Print Nails

You’ll always see leopard print and we never get tired of it. In fact, leopard print is a major fall trend that’s not going anywhere. Nothing is cuter than adding this classic, throwback, yet edgy print to your nails. It’s neutral yet so fun!

Short, Natural Oval Nails

If you don’t want to wear acrylics, or just wear your nails short, that’s in right now too! Short, natural, oval or round nails were seen on the Fall/Winter runways, in all sorts of styles. Wear yours nude, with a fun pattern like leopard, dark, with 3-D accents, or however you want to!

More Neutral Gradient Nails

Gradient nails have been a fun summer trend, with pretty pops of colors like coral, yellow, and purple, in five different shades/tones. Well, this enchanting trend will stick around for fall but will take a more subtle, neutral approach appropriate for the season. Think browns, nudes, oranges, and the like.

Negative Space/Cut Outs

The next cool nail trend you can rock on any length or type of uña is the negative space trend. It involves designs that have see-through parts where you can see the natural nail underneath the design. The look is artsy, often geometric, and a fun way to play with color — and the lack thereof.



You don’t have to wait for New Year’s Eve to glam your nails up with a champagne hue. It’s a fall trend! Metallics and warm colors are two individual trends for the season, and champagne combines the two for another. You will also see other warm metallics on nails such as gold, bronze, and copper.


Florals are such a spring trend (for obvious reasons), but you don’t have to give them up this year now that we are officially in the autumn season. Flowers will still be blooming on uñas in fall and winter, in all sorts of fun, pretty ways.

Blush and Lilac

You will see soothing nudes on nails this season, but you will also see equally-soft and pretty colors like blush and lilac. They, too, serve as a neutral, going with just about all your outfits, but there’s a little warmth and girliness that these colors give off that is just so appealing.

Medium-Length Coffin/Ballerina Nails

Another nail shape trend that is here to stay (at least for the time being) is coffin/ballerina. A medium-length was seen on the fall/winter runways, but of course you can always wear them as long or short as you want to!

Purples and Berries

Fall is the time of year when we see nail polish colors get beautifully darker. The result is chic and moody, plus these hues look great with all those cozy cold-weather outfits. Burgundy is an expected color for the season — and it’s fab — but there’s a cool alternative if you want something slightly different. Fall 2019 will see dark purple, plum, and other similar hues painted on nails everywhere.

Bright Red

Red is a classic, go-to color any time of year. But it is having a moment for Fall/Winter 2019. Deeper red always has a place during these seasons, but a brighter version is on-trend right now. The result is cheery, punchy, vintage-y, and totally “look at me!”

Warm Metallics

We mentioned this trend briefly earlier, but metallics are on-trend, especially if they are warm-toned. Think rich gold, burnished bronze, bubbly champagne, feminine rose gold, orangey copper, and the like. These are perfect to go with all those equally warm on-trend colors you will be seeing in clothing, accessories, and makeup!

Winter White

What’s a striking nail color that will also go with everything in your wardrobe? Winter white! You don’t have to give up this summer-perfect color; instead, you can continue to rock it through to 2020.

Dark Greens

Dark greens were seen on the runways for fall and winter in terms of clothing and accessories, but you will also see these natural yet really cool hues on nails. They’re such a breath of fresh air when talking about dark, rich colors for the season, yet they match well with so much. An olive/army green actually totally works as a neutral hue that will go with most everything it’s paired with!

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