Photo: Instagram/thenaillionaire

Fall Manicure Trends We’re Obsessing Over

Looking to up your nail game this season? Can’t wait to rock fall colors and some of the latest fall trends? We’ve got you covered! Check out these amazing new nail trends that are perfect for Fall. Everyone at your upcoming holiday parties will be complimenting your sweet manicure and asking you how you did it!

Dry Brushing

This technique is perfect if you want to add a simple, yet eye-catching touch to your nails. Take a semi-dry brush, leaving only a small amount of polish on the brush. Lightly swipe the brush over already dried nails for an interesting, streaky look that will add a pop of color or contrast. Better yet, it doesn’t require any expertise or additional tools! Pro tip: dry-brushing looks amazing if you use contrasting colors – it’ll stand out more!

Hints of Glitter

You can’t go wrong with adding a bit of glitter to spice up your nails! In my opinion, glitter goes so well with the Fall season. Pick up a glittery top coat or glitter flakes to add some light to your nails. Gold glitter is best because it picks up light and shimmers well. Not to mention, it goes with almost all nail colors!

The Classic Oxblood Nail

Oxblood has been the color of fall for years. This deep, red-brown hue perfectly encapsulates the warmness and coziness of fall. You can’t go wrong with a classic oxblood colored nail! It’s very simple, yet classy– and it also looks great and striking on all skin tones!

Metallic Accents

Just like glitter, metallic nail polish can add light and glimmer to your manicure! I would recommend choosing an accent nail or adding small details to your nails, in order to avoid having a metallic overload. Plus, it’s so easy to find metallic nail polish and it looks great on virtually everyone.

Timeless Neutrals

Not much of a bold color or glitter nail person? That’s okay – timeless neutrals like nude, blush, and brown are perfect for fall too. Plus, neutrals are perfect for any outfit or event, work or play. Neutrals can help to elongate the fingers, making them look slim and dainty.