29 Things You Need to Know About False Eyelashes

Photo: Denitslava Makeup/YouTube

Lashes are an important part of any makeup look. They frame the eyes, make you look youthful, and add so much drama to the face. While it’s always fun to pile mascara on your own eyelashes, sometimes you just want something more.

That’s where false eyelashes come in. They allow you to go longer, lusher, fuller, and way more dramatic than you would normally with your own lashes. There is a set for every mood and every lash type, from wispy individual hairs here and there to extra AF rainbow or glitter lashes. They’re just that little bit of oomph to take your makeup look up a notch.

Chances are though you’ve heard about false eyelashes and lash extensions, you still have questions about these frilly beauty aids. That’s why we put together this handy guide that includes everything you want to know about false lashes.




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