February’s Full Moon in Leo Will Enhance Love and Ego

February 9th brings us a larger than life full moon in the fiery sign of Leo

Leo Full Moon

Photo: Esoteric Esa

February 9th brings us a larger than life full moon in the fiery sign of Leo. This lunar cycle will be one of the largest full moons of 2020 as it illuminates our sky and our hearts. The fixed fire sign of Leo brings an energy that embodies creativity, courage, and a celebratory outlook on life. It’s a wonderful energy to transition into considering all the deep and heavy emotional purging we’ve been doing as a collective in January.

It’s time to ignite our inner light about things that make our hearts go pitter-patter. You might find yourself in the new mind frame of, “No more dimming my light! It’s my time! My happiness matters” – or something along those lines.  Are you ready for this heightened enthusiasm? This full moon is guaranteed to give you that spark of energy needed to get back on track with the new year! Signs that can expect a major impact with this phase are Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio.

The Sun is the ruling planet of Leo, which makes this full moon an extremely amped up double dose of encouragement to do things that make you happy and set your heart on fire. There are two energetic themes at play that can influence how this Leo full moon will co-create with you. The areas of love and personal fulfillment will be front and center.

Numerology plays an important role this month as well. This Leo full moon lands on a universal six vibration. Six embodies the energy of the balance of love. In fact, if you’re familiar with tarot you are aware that The Lovers card is the sixth card in the major arcana. Forget Valentine’s Day, there’s a much more significant influence in the sky when it comes to love and partnerships this month. Expect this vibration to spread into all aspects of unions, but also in relation to what do you love? How do you love yourself? Do you love your career? Do you love your best friend and are finally ready to profess your love? Do you love your passion project so much that you decide to take that big leap and go full-time with it? Leo is encouraging you to put your heart into everything that you do! Life is too short to waste it on doing things that don’t ignite your soul. Love is multi-dimensional and this is the new paradigm we’re navigating. Love thyself enough to know if you’re selling yourself short. You’ll be questioning whether you’re truly living your best life.

This is a favorable full moon to end cycles that you’re ready to close out since it lands on February 9th. The number nine brings a potent energy of release. The nine numerology of this full moon coincides perfectly with the completion that full moons represent. This is an optimal full moon to perform rituals around releasing anything that limits your freedom of self-expression. Being in the depths of Aquarius season, anticipate a generalized emotional understanding of wanting to own your unique self. This will translate into how you perceive your relationship to be with love: the people you love, the things you love, and how you love yourself. This is encouraging energy that will have you wanting to chase after a new way of living. A way of living with more passion, more freedom, and more from a place of deep love.

The heart chakra is a great means of staying balanced with this high energized Leo influence. Leo can often times rev up the ego, which can result in an overactive solar plexus chakra (cockiness instead of confidence).

Below I’ve included a self-guided visualization mediation you can implement on your own on this full moon in order to open your heart to the frequency of blessings. As you expand your heart in this journey, you will understand what it feels like to give from a place of gratitude. Through such acts, you truly begin to understand the language of the universe.

Chakra Clarity Meditation By Dr. Synthia Andrews

This meditation activates all seven of the major chakras. This is a basic meditation that can take you into very deep practice.


  • Sit or lie down. Keep your spine as straight as possible or imagine sitting with a straight spine.
  • Calm the mind and visualize yourself standing on Earth.
  • Breathe in deeply and, with each inhale, imagine cascading spirals of light descending into, through and around you.
  • Imagine this spiral pillar or light coming from the sky or a star that represents your spiritual source and connection.
  • Imagine seven vortices of energy that are rooted along your spine to the top of your head. They are blossoming energy. Try to feel all of them as vibrating within you.
  • Begin with the base chakra and inhale energy into one after another using your attention to notice how each chakra feels as you work your way from your base up to your crown chakra. Here are the locations: base chakra is in the pelvic bowl facing down to the Earth; Sacral chakra is above the pubic bone and below the belly button, facing front and back; third is Solar Plexus chakra below the ribcage above the belly button; fourth is the Heart Chakra on your breastbone in the center of your chest; fifth is your Throat Chakra in your throat; sixth is your Third Eye charka between your eyebrows; seventh is your Crown chakra at the top of your head facing the sky.
  • Experience each chakra separately. What color are they to you? What is the shade of the color that your chakras appear to you (light or dark)? Is it clear, cloudy, vibrant, dull? How much energy does it emit? Is it full or empty? Is it tight or depleted? Be in the moment and observe and feel the sensation. No need to change anything, simply be in the moment with what you feel.
  • As you sit with each chakra, you may or may not notice that the chakra is asking for something. Perhaps a color, light, or more vibrancy.
  • Inhale and imagine your breath providing the chakra with whatever it needs. Notice what thoughts, emotions, feelings get in the way of it receiving and also notice what assists you in being able to receive.
  • Does this area have an image, perhaps an animal or light being? Is there a message for you?
  • After exploring each individual charka, step back and visualize the entire path along the base up your spine to your top of head where you see your Crown chakra. Does one chakra draw your attention more than another? Is there a flow between each? Do you identify with the emotion or spiritual challenge of any particular chakra?
  • Breathe through the entire chakra system, letting go of anything you no longer need while strengthening that which you want to keep.
  • Just sit and enjoy the sensation of your chakras vibrating with each other.
  • Tae time to write down your experience.

Thank you to Dr. Synthia Andrews, ND for sharing this meditation. You can find more of her meditations in her book, The Path of Energy, published by New Page Books.

May you manifest wisely.

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