13 Fire Latino Tweets of 2018

‘Tis the season for looking towards a new year, while looking back at the golden moments of the present one

Photo: Unsplash/@stereophototyp

Photo: Unsplash/@stereophototyp

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‘Tis the season for looking towards a new year, while looking back at the golden moments of the present one. While we are still waiting for Latino Twitter to become a thing, we were blessed with a bunch of fire Latino tweets which inspired us, educated us, and made us laugh. Read on for 13 such tweets that boldly said what so many Latinos were thinking.


Ana Navarro Speaks the Truth on Trump

Ana Navarro is known for her no holds barred tweets which say what needs to be said. She continuously calls out Donald Trump, like she did in this post checking Mike Pence for saying Trump is a friend to veterans.


Eva Longoria Demanding Diversity and Inclusion


As a producer, Eva Longoria Baston has made it her work to include more diversity in television and film. While attending Variety‘s 2018 Inclusion Summit, she spoke on making it a point to have women, people of diverse backgrounds, and LGBTQ people on her crew.


J. Jennifer Espinoza Captures Latino Health Paranoia

Why do we always think any little pain or sniffle is the end of the world?! J. Jennifer Epinoza made us laugh with her tweet capturing this sentiment perfectly.


America Ferrera Says #TimesUp is Also for WOC

A lot of feminism movements leave out women of color. America Ferrera pointed out that #TimesUp is meant for all women.


Gina Rodriguez Stands Up for Immigrant Families


Empathy and compassion unite us. When you can understand how someone else is feeling on a human level, you can look past any differences, to realize we are all the same. In this tweet, Gina Rodriguez asked us to imagine ourselves in the shoes of the immigrant families who have had their children taken away.


Zoe, Gina, America, Rosario, and Eva Encourage Us to Vote

Voting is so important and was even more so important during this year’s midterm elections. That’s why we were so happy that Zoe Saldana, Rosario Dawson, Eva Longoria Baston, America Ferrera, and Gina Rodriguez teamed up to get Latinas to vote. Orgullo Latino!


Being Latino Speaks Truth on Frying Tostones

Being Latino always captures the Latino experience in the most hilarious way. If you’ve tried frying something in the sartén, including tostones, you know you are bobbing and weaving to avoid that frying oil!


Julissa Arce Writes Latinos into History

We are taught more about European white history than our own — that is a fact. Julissa Arce is changing this, by writing books that talk about what it means to be Latino. She shared the cover of her book and a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in a tweet about how we can change things.


Julian Castro Explores Candidacy for President of the United States

In one tweet, Julian Castro talked about his childhood on the west side of San Antonio, how his family entered politics, and how he might run for president. “Americans are ready to climb out of this darkness,” he says in this inspiring tweet. “If we want to see change in this country, we don’t wait, we work.”


While Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says Um…No to Presidency

While Julian Castro is exploring a candidacy for president, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is shutting down the idea that she should run. She humbly took the spotlight off of her and redirected it to make changes in policies. Bravo!


Latinos Are Educated

How many times have we heard or read that Latinos aren’t as educated as others? We need constant reminders that there are millions of Latino graduates, entrepreneurs, and game changers in the country, and the world. Tweets like this one share the facts we often do not see.


Why Isn’t Latino Twitter a Thing?


Really, why isn’t Latino Twitter a thing yet? Let’s get on it for 2019! Like this tweet mentions, when we want to come together, we are an unstoppable force. But we often allow ourselves to be splintered over differences.


Still Waiting for Juan Gabriel


Latinos, we officially have our own Elvis conspiracy. Juan Gabriel’s former manager claimed that the musical icon faked his own death, and was going to return on December 15; since then, a flood of tweets on the topic has swept over Twitter. This one is funny, as you know we are holding out hope that the claim is true.

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