5 Things Every Fitness Newbie Needs Before They Start Working Out

Taking the leap to start working out can be challenging and incredibly daunting, especially if you don’t know where to begin

Photo: Unsplash/@jonathanborba

Photo: Unsplash/@jonathanborba

Taking the leap to start working out can be challenging and incredibly daunting, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Before starting any fitness regimen, it’s best to consult a doctor and once she/he gives you the green light, you’ll need to stock up on the goodies that will help you stay committed to your new active lifestyle.

Here are five must-haves for every fitness newbie. And remember, every workout doesn’t have to take over an hour of your time, even if you have just five minutes, give it all you’ve got. 

Quality Headphones

Chic Buds
Photo: ChicBuds.com

First things first, you need some good tunes. Whether you bring your cell phone, iPod or listen to the TV at the gym, you need headphones. Chic Buds are a women-owned company based in Southern California. Their earbuds don’t tangle easily and they’re durable; I’ve had mine for over five years. Their “goal is to encourage and empower women around the world to work hard, follow their dreams, keep their hearts on the right path and of course delight in their own personal styles.” Luv Buds Earbuds, ChicBuds.com, $15.00


Yoga Mat

Gaiam yoga starter kit
Photo: Gaiam.com

Every beginner needs a mat to stretch on even if you don’t practice yoga (but you should look into it). This yoga beginner’s kit is perfect to get you started on your journey to being more zen. The yoga mat is perfect for a beginner with a printed guide for positioning. The kit includes a block which helps you modify poses, a strap, and a DVD instructional video. Yoga For Beginners Kit, Gaiam.com, $30.00


Workout Clothing

workout clothes fitness
Photo: Lululemon.com

For the longest time I was a sceptic about Lululemon pants (after all, they’re pricy) but when I was given a pair of the Fast & Free pants for Christmas, I completely converted and now, I’m obsessed. The compression, high-waisted Lululemon pants flatter the figure and provide shaping. It is “engineered to feel like your go-to, lightweight, second-skin layer — you’ll forget you’re wearing this next-to-nothing sensation as you move.” I can personally attest that they do feel the absolute best. Think of workout clothing as an investment. Athletic attire you feel great in is a must to keep up the motivation. Fast & Free ⅞ Tight II, Lululemon, $128.00


Running Shoes


The perfect fit is so important with workout shoes which is why I like to go to The Running Store to get fitted. They also have tests online that you can take to see what shoes work for you based on the activities you plan on doing. Even if you’re not running, having the perfect workout shoe is important in any physical activity. Shoes and prices vary.


Foam Rollers

Gurilla styx
Photo: gurillarollers.com

Last but not least, you need a massager to get some of those kinks out. I like the Gurilla Battalion rollers and styks. Plus they are made in America and made to last. It can make the world of difference when you have tension, especially in your lower back and shins. Be sure to watch a video on how to use the rollers if you have not used one before to get the hang of it.

Link: Gurilla Sticks, GurillaRollers.com, $37

Now, go out there and enjoy your new active life. Remember, you’re your only competition. Keep your mind strong and your objectives clear. You got this!

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