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Photo: Youtube/Pero Like

Watch How One Woman Transformed Into Four Iconic Latinas

If you had to pick four famous Latinas that changed your life? Who would you choose? Tough question, right? For actress Julissa Calderon picking four Latina trailblazers that inspired her as a Dominican American woman, it was easy. Celia Cruz, Selena, Rosie Perez, and Rita Moreno are the women that have changed Calderon’s life. The actress, who can be seen in BuzzFeed’s “Pero Like” videos, decided to honor their legacy by dressing up as ALL OF THEM.

She decided to close out March — National Women’s Month — and celebrate their talent and fierceness and literally transformed herself into her icons.

For her transformation into becoming Perez, Calderon chose to dress up as her favorite role that Perez played in White Man Can’t Jump as Gloria Clemente.

“I chose Rosie because of the influence she had on me as an actress. Watching her do her thing and do it well, gave me the hope that someday I could do it too. In high school, they always compared me to her, and in college, they always compared our accents.”

Calderon said she didn’t know much about Moreno until she studied theater in college. That is where she fell in love with Moreno’s role as Anita in West Side Story.


“She was strong, independent, and could dance her ass off,” Calderon said. She also said that she desperately wanted to play Anita in college and wanted her theater group to do a production of West Side Story. While that never happened, she has finally reached her dream of becoming Anita.

For her third transformation, Calderon became Selena by wearing her most famous outfit: the purple jumpsuit.


Calderon talked about how her first introduction to music as a kid, which was receiving “Amor Prohibido” on tape.

“I was young at the time, but I remember playing it on repeat trying my best to memorize all the lyrics.”

Selena was the definition of a true star,” she said. “She was the first celebrity I ever felt some sort of emotional connection with. And like every little girl all I wanted to dance like her, sing like her, and dress like her.”

Well, we certainly think she accomplished that beautifully!

For her last makeover, Calderon became Salsa icon, Celia Cruz.

“She was fearless,” Calderon said about her idol. “She was an originator.”

Calderon chose to dress in her favorite Cruz getup, a blue and white wig and blue gown.

“Her costumes were incredible,” she said of the late singer. “This blue fantasy was one of my all-time favorite looks.”

Check out the entire video below.