5 Nicknames Only Freckled Latinas Can Relate to

I think I was around three years old when the freckles began sprinkling throughout my face. At least that’s how my mom remembers it. Growing up I was often complimented on my ‘chispitas de sol’ as one of my aunts referred to them. I think it had to do with the fact that you don’t often see a Latina with jet-black hair covered in freckles. And even though these little brown spots are associated with the sun, my freckles are very much present year-round.

All my life I’ve been called ‘la pequitas’ by one of my uncles and he still calls me that till this day! Sometimes strangers would also come up to my mom and tell her they loved my freckles. Occasionally younger kids would ask about them too – only because they had never seen any before and were mesmerized by them. I always thought that was funny.

So you see, freckles have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. They sit on my face, arms, and legs, but it feels like over time they have faded a little. Nonetheless, the affectionate nicknames will forever stick with me. Ahead, a few common nicknames that are often given to fellow freckled girls!




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