12 Great Online Courses You Can Take Completely for Free

Photo: Pexels

Knowledge is power. Unfortunately, education continues to be something in this country more available to those who can shell out the bucks for it. Seeing as learning doesn’t stop at high school — or even college — we wanted to share some great educational resources and online courses that are completely free.

These online classes offer knowledge on a variety of cool and important topics, such as Latin American history, health, and technology. They are available online and for the most part self-paced, which means you can easily access them when you have the time to.

Isn’t that great that these days, technology has made learning easier than ever? Once you check out these online classes, you will also be able to search for other courses (both free and paid) within educational sites including Skillshare, edX, and Udemy. Go learn something new and share these free online learning resources with your friends and family!




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