Photo: Unsplash/@mdesign85

French Montana’s Dreamers Campaign Gives First Grant to Kansas City School

At Alta Vista Charter High School in Kansas City, MO, their student body has 45 percent undocumented students. That high percentage is pretty staggering when you consider that vulnerable group is currently being targeted by the Trump administration. So how is this ambitious group of students supposed to succeed when the conservative right wants to kick them out of the country? Thankfully there are people willing to support them achieve their dreams.

Two educators at Alta Vista Charter High school created a scholarship program to aid the smartest graduating undocumented students get to college, People magazine reports. Teachers John Kearny and Connor Nowalk were inspired to help Dreamers at their school after learning about French Montana’s campaign called We Are The Dream. The campaign gives money to people who are supporting Dreamers. So John and Connor launched the Pell Project, which so far has raised $5920 in scholarships, People magazine reports.

“After several years of witnessing some of our best and brightest students being financially shut out of college because of their status, we decided to do something about it,” John told People magazine. “To us, they embody the American Dream, and DREAMers and their families have sacrificed too much and worked too hard to not doing anything.”

Their student, Israel, is the first recipient of the Pell Project grant and will study computer science at Emporia State University in Kansas.

To read more about the Pell Project visit pellproject.org. And for more information on how you can be involved in supporting Dreamers get to college, visit getschooled.com.