Largest Frida Kahlo Exhibit in 40 Years Happening in Chicago Next Year
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9 Pictures From the Huge Frida Fest Guinness World Records Event

A few weeks ago we told you that the Dallas Museum of Art was attempting to break a Guinness World Records for the largest Frida Kahlo gathering. So did the break the record? Well, the Dallas Museum of Art reports that more than 5,000 people attended their Frida Fest on July 6 (Frida’s birthday!) in order to break the record, but only 1,000 of those met the actual requirements. You may recall that the DMA had strict rules about what it would take to be an actual Frida look-a-like, which were:

  • A unibrow drawn onto the face joining the eyebrows; this can be done with make-up or by sticking hair.
  • Artificial flowers worn in the hair; a minimum of three artificial flowers must be worn.
  • A red or pink shawl.
  • A flower-printed dress that extends below the knees on all sides; the dress must not have any slits up the side.

Wow, that’s pretty strict rules. But even if 1,000 Frida’s qualified for the record, that’s an amazing accomplishment already.

We are so amazed that so many people turned out to celebrate Frida and also to break this record. However, the Huffington Post reports that it will take about 12 weeks for Guinness World Record officials to assess the gathering and determined if the museum broke the actual record.


While we wait for official word about this record, if they need any more proof about how determined these Frida fans are just take a look!

Here’s some images of this beautiful event, and the incredible people that showed up.



As you can see, lots of Frida look-a-likes attended, and they looked amazing! Come on, Guinness World Record officials! Please announce that they broke the record!