15 Things You Should Know About Legendary Artist Frida Kahlo

Photo: edebiyathane.com

There are certain legendary icons who we know on a first-name basis. Those who only become bigger stars, inspirations, and symbols over time, who we continue to honor even decades after their death. This all definitely rings true of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. We’re still inspired by her art, her timeless style, her commitment to not giving into Eurocentric beauty standards, and the empowering quotes she lived by.

Frida Kahlo is a symbol of feminism, women’s empowerment, pride for the LGBTQIA community, Latinx community, artists, and unique individuals, who all gain inspiration from knowing that one of their own made it, and made it big.

If you’re Latinx, there’s a good chance you are a major Frida Kahlo fan and know a lot of her artistic work. But do you know a lot about her? We wanted to delve deeper and dug up a handful of facts that everyone should know about iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.




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