30 Frida Kahlo Tattoos We’re Obsessed With

is one of the most iconic Latina artists of her time, which is why the Latinx community continues to reference and praise her major contributions to art, personal style, female empowerment, resistance to traditional beauty standards, and the orgullo Latino she gives us all

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is one of the most iconic Latina artists of her time, which is why the Latinx community continues to reference and praise her major contributions to art, personal style, female empowerment, resistance to traditional beauty standards, and the orgullo Latino she gives us all.

Globally recognized as one of the most influential female artists of all time and known most for her incredible self-portraits, she’s become synonymous with individuality and creativity. When someone reaches the legendary status Mexican artist Frida has, it is not surprising that some people want to immortalize them with tattoos, which is why so many folks out there have made it a point to get Frida permanently placed on their bodies.

Let’s take a look at 30 Frida Kahlo tattoos that make us want to run down to the parlor and get one too!


Frida Painting Self-Portrait, by Dżudi Bazgrole

Tattoos, even if they are of a worldwide icon like Frida Kahlo, are even cooler when they have a personal touch unique to the recipient. You want your tattoo to speak to your connection to the subject, and also to be different from the sea of similar tats. This rad tattoo by Dżudi Bazgrole is cool and unique for different reasons. First, it’s in the artist Dżudi’s unique tattoo/art style, which features bold, yet also stark, black and white line drawings. Second, it’s actually of a photo of Frida, in which she is painting a self-portrait. It’s a super cool Frida Kahlo tattoo, with the right, unique touch.


Frida Identifiers, by Simoni Gruber

There are certain identifiers which characterize Frida Kahlo: her iconic unibrow, her colorful crown of fresh flowers, and her signature bold chandelier earrings are among them. When we see these things, alone or together, we’re often quick to associate them with the Mexican artist. So, it’s no surprise that there are a number of tattoos which just feature these bold symbols, without having to complete Kahlo’s face. This tattoo, by Simoni Gruber over at Uncle Chronis Tattoo in Athens, Greece, got the essence of Frida, without having to do too much. Just look at the detail in the flowers and the eyes — simply exquisite.


Artsy Frida by Cammiyu Tattoo


It’s really cool when tattoo artists have their own, unique style, that they apply to all their work, no matter the subject. It allows you to have a specific take on famous people that many others have rendered, like Frida Kahlo. Cammiyu is a tattoo artist and illustrator out of La Louvière, Belgium, who tattoos at Wallifornia Ink. Her tattoos are colorful, cheery, and cartoon-like. Subjects are given the Cammiyu treatment, turned into adorable cherub-like figures. This Frida tattoo has so much rich color and the pops of highlights make the tattoo look like an illustration/painting like all the best tattoos do.


Linear Frida Split Screen, by Vero Chaplin

Over in Madrid, Spain, Vero Chaplin (who tattoos at La Mala Vida Tattoo Alcalá) created this linear, artsy rendition of Frida Kahlo. It features a split-screen style, with Frida’s face on one side, and a Dia de los Muertos calavera, on the other. What’s cool about this Kahlo tatt is that it’s different. It includes two icons of Mexican culture, side by side, and both feature a ton of details without going into any form of realism (adding all the facial features, shading, etc.). The pops of red, yellow, green, purple are just enough to give the piece a touch of vibrancy.


Frida Kahlo Realism, by Carlos Muñoz

Now, for some realism. Tattoos have come a long way. Now, they can be so realistic, that you feel like you’re looking at a photograph, or a 3-D subject, instead of just ink on skin. For those who prefer Frida Kahlo as close to how she actually looked as possible, we have this incredible tattoo by Carlos Muñoz of 13 Sombras Tattoo, featured on the Instagram account, Frida Kahlo Tattoo (there, you’ll see a ton of other amazing and inspiring Frida tats too). It’s so realistic, it almost tricks your eyes into thinking the other half is an actual photograph of Frida.


Badass Frida, by Xavi

Another cool Frida tattoo that we saw on the Frida Kahlo Tattoo Instagram page is this one by artist Xavi. In this version, Kahlo is modernized, wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Can you believe the tattoo’s not done? It’s already so fab at this stage! According to the tattoo artist’s page @fexavi, the final idea also contains background flowers, as well as tattoos on Frida’s arms. Overall, this concept of Frida (which we’ve seen before on T-shirts, posters, etc.) is cool, because it brings her to the modern-day, where she’s still relevant, cool, and as badass as ever.


Cutesy Frida, by Valentina De Rosa Tattoo


Valentina De Rosa, a tattoo artist out of Milan, Italy, made this super cute, and totally different, Frida Kahlo tattoo. Her work is super cutesy and saturated in color. Some of her tattoos are more traditional in style, while others are pure ’80s sticker-like adorableness. This one, done for a female client, has all the markers of a Frida Kahlo tattoo: flowers tucked into braided hair, ornate drop earrings, and those legendary brows. But it’s a completely unique look, like the cartoon, and/or doll edition of the iconic artist. It’s another example of a known subject done through the filter of a tattoo artist’s signature style.


Inky Frida Kahlo Hand Tat

Hand tattoos look edgy, and are super obvious, because c’mon, we use our hands for everything. So, if you have one, it’s clearly something you want the world to see, and see often. That’s why this Frida Kahlo tattoo is so special. Like several other Frida Kahlo tats,  this one only features the Frida basics: flowers, hair, and brow, but also includes her eyes and a touch of blush on the cheeks. The flowers have the most detail, with pops of blue, red, purple, dark green, and yellow. The rest is done in a black, marker-like manner, making the tattoo a fun, inky-looking drawing.


Art Nouveau Frida, by Unknown Artist and JOSF

Some people will get a tattoo, and go to another artist, later on, to add some scenery to give it new life. Tattoo artist JOSF, who works out of San Francisco and Brooklyn, gave Frida an Art Nouveau frame with roses, adding onto an existing tattoo from another tattooer. This was done at All Wolves No Sheep Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn. The large frame brings even more attention to the Frida Kahlo piece, and all the grey tones and shading give the overall art a darker, more rock/metal tone. We think Frida is a rockstar, so we obviously agree!


Viva la Vida con Frida Tattoo

Although there are photos of Frida Kahlo without her signature colorful flowers in her hair, they’ve become such a part of her remembered and celebrated aesthetic. You could literally just draw her braids and these flowers, and nothing else, and chances are, you’d know it was Frida. Same goes for her eyebrows. This tattoo, seen on the Viva La Kahlo Instagram page, pays homage to these icons, adding in a calaveras, and some words. The words, “Viva la Vida,” are the name of one of Frida Kahlo’s paintings (one with watermelons). Overall, this tattoo is super cute and very feminine!


The Light and the Dark Frida, by Eli Terrores

Eli Terrores, a Madrid-based Tattoo artist, created this pretty tattoo of Frida Kahlo. It has a sweet, childlike face, oversized colorful flowers, and features the cool and unusual hand earrings that Kahlo actually wore. On the flip side, however, there is the addition of calaveras in her hair, as well as both the spine and roots motifs she is known for including in her paintings. It’s just like Frida herself — the mix of feminine and masculine, soft and hard, pretty and painful, light and dark. We are also loving the colorful watercolor elements added in as the background. The tattoo was done at Fresh Tattoo in Madrid, Spain.


Surrealistic Frida Kahlo, by Mateo Nangeroni

So many people have Frida Kahlo tattoos. Some of us want to see the perfect renditions of real-life photos and paintings, and the cutesy, cartoon-like versions, but also want to see the off-the-wall, and rare-looking Frida tattoos. What hasn’t been done? We want to see that. Thankfully, we came across this beauty. In it, Frida Kahlo is given the surrealism treatment, Rene Magritte-style. You see and recognize her face, but it is away from the rest of her body. Emanating from within her face are beautiful flowers. Bet you haven’t seen a Frida Kahlo tattoo like this one. The artwork is by Mateo Nangeroni, of Italy’s The White Whale Tattoo Society.


Just the Essentials Frida Kahlo Tattoo, by Dylan Pazello

Remember when we mentioned that the things that made Frida Kahlo could be drawn on their own and we’d still be able to recognize them as hers? This tattoo by Dylan Pazello of Zero Tattoo Studio in Brazil proves that point. You have her flowers, in this case, big beautiful red roses, in her hair. You have her black hair and united brows, and that’s pretty much it. The special touch is Dylan’s signature swirly print, which he adds to all of his tattoo work, added here to the rose leaves. The result is striking, with crisp, bold lines (which are also so thin, you’d think it was achieved with a  pen), and the boldest pop of red.


Frida Kahlo, in Intricate Detail, by Irina Conevska

Over the years, Frida Kahlo has earned goddess-like status. Who she was, what she stood for, what she endured, and what she created from that made her a star, an icon, and a timeless legend. This epic tattoo, from Irina Conevska of Macedonia’s Nameless Tattoo Studio in Skopje, Macedonia, is insane — there is so much intricate detail, that your eye flits from area to area just to take it all in. You can see that in the way her hair, the flowers, and the snakes were drawn. Even Frida’s facial hair is featured. Interesting that her eyes are blank, though. But it definitely adds to the drama.


Tropical Kahlo Art, by Sebastian Gatica

Tattoo artist Sebastian Gatica, who works in Santiago de Chile, created this amazing Frida Kahlo piece. Just look at all the rich colors and close attention to detail. This is another tatt where you don’t know where to look first but we mean that in a good way. It’s pretty and feminine, but also includes Frida’s elements of painting the inside of her body, and roots connecting her with the earth. Around her is life — in the form of plants, a monkey, a hummingbird resting on her hair, a colorful parrot, flowers, and butterflies. This tattoo is so flawless that if the photo were cropped closer, you would assume it to be a painting.


Abstract Frida, by Heuvath Alquimim

Show us the most random Frida Kahlo tattoos — the unique ones, the rare ones, the ones that sprouted from a mental collaboration between a tattoo artist and the tattoo recipient. We asked, and were answered, with Azul, this abstract, super-different Kahlo tatt, by Heuvath Alquimim. The Brazilian artist shows us Frida’s hair flowers, but via little dashes of color, and you can also see her signature brows. The rest is abstract, in the style the tattoo artist uses across his work. According to Heuvath’s Instagram, the concept for the Frida piece was “developed from the abstraction of multiple visual elements present in Frida’s works.”


Frida-in-New-York-Turned-Tat, by Yumaru


How real-looking is this Frida Kahlo tattoo? It’s an artistic rendition of the iconic 1939 photo Nickolas Murray took of Frida Kahlo in New York (Frida Kahlo on White Bench). This tatt is done by artist Yumaru in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The realism, soft muted colors (the colors in the photos are much brighter), and shading make this look like a classic we’ve all seen, but with a little unique twist. By this point in the slideshow, you’re probably thinking of what your own Frida Kahlo tattoo might look like.


Frida, and Her Quote, Tattoo, by Tatuajes Hugo Tattoo

Frida, among being known for her art, style, and strength, is also known for her quotes on life. You will see them emblazoned on T-shirts, mugs, totes, and any other space people can get them onto. They resonated when she was alive, and they resonate today. So, you can imagine our joy when we saw this cool tattoo by Hugo from Argentina. It’s a detailed picture, of Frida Kahlo, from the eyes up. Underneath is one of her most known quotes: “Pies, para que los quiero, si tengo alas para volar?”


Frida, the Feminist, by Sarah Monteiro

Okay, we are seeing a trend here of dope Frida Kahlo tattoos coming out of Brazil. Obrigada! Done by tattoo artist Sarah Monteiro, on Thais Carla, it features Frida in the center, surrounded by flowers, including roses and sunflowers, and the female Venus symbol. What makes this piece especially feminist is that it is by a woman tattoo artist, for a woman recipient. This tattoo is great just on its own, but it is a work in progress. We can’t wait to see the final result.


Frida Kahlo, Painter, Tattoo, by Thomas Howard

If Frida was ever to become animated, she would look like this tattoo. Thomas Howard, of the House of Wolves tattoo studio, created this colorful version of Frida Kahlo, with wonderful use of highlighting (do you see the shine in her braids?!). The portrait itself is the classic 1939 New York Frida photograph mentioned previously, and it’s juxtaposed next to a piece of her Viva la Vida painting. Finally, two paintbrushes are featured towards the bottom, letting the world know Frida Kahlo’s profession. This tattoo is so complete, so rich in color, and what you want (and expect) to see when you picture a legit Frida Kahlo tattoo.


Frida Kahlo, in Black and White, by Olivia Pakitsas

When it comes to tattoos of famous people, there are so many different ways you can approach them. When it comes to someone as bold as Frida Kahlo, you instantly think of all sorts of rich, beautiful colors. So, naturally, there are a lot of colorful tatts of her. Some artists, and/or their clients, go all the way in the opposite direction, opting for striking black and white, and grays. This tatt of Kahlo, by Brooklyn tattoo artist Olivia Pakitsas, gives you all the detail of Frida’s look — flowers, hairstyle, brows, earrings, while still looking just as bold in a black and white style.


As Real as a Frida Kahlo Tat Can Get, by Jhon Gutti

Have you ever seen a Frida Kahlo tattoo so life-like, that you almost want to reach out and touch it to see if it’s really her? You have now. Just look at the shine on the rings, the detail on the plaid shirt, and the lines and creases on the hands. Insane right? This tattoo is a real as a Frida Kahlo tattoo can get. The stunningly beautiful work of art is by Jhon Gutti of Outer Limits Tattoo, in Long Beach, California. The recipient of this tattoo must get stopped a lot; you can literally stare at this artwork all day.


Layers of Frida, by Jan Camardelli

We have another great Frida Kahlo tattoo from Brazil. This one is by Yan Camardelli, and features Frida’s hairstyle, flowers, brows, lips, and drop earrings, with one of her quotes in the middle of her face (how unique!). The quote is another known and loved one: “Mereces un amor que se lleve las mentiras, que te traiga la ilusión, el café y la poesía.” This tattoo took who Frida was, both inside and out, and meshed the two together.


Read Between the Lines Kahlo Tattoo, by Amanda Carmel


Some people like minimalism. You can appreciate the efficiency of getting your point across easily, simply, and without any unnecessary fuss. This Frida Kahlo tattoo is by Amanda Carmel, of Mission Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio, in San Francisco. It gives you Frida, but with minimal lines, and no color. The result is striking in its starkness. It’s another example of a Frida Kahlo tattoo that you probably weren’t expecting but totally fell in love with anyway. It’s also a perfect way to rep Frida if you’re not into a lot of different colors, or don’t want colors to clash with your other tattoos.


Bold Neutral/Colorful Frida, by Mower

One thing that you can’t help but get with a Frida Kahlo tattoo, no matter how you do it, is boldness. It was evident in her physical appearance, her manner of dress, and her attitude. So, this tattoo of the artist, by Mower, displays that sentiment well. The majority of the tattoo is done in thick black lines (so much so, that it looks like a cool stencil!); the big pop of color comes in with the flowers and ribbon in Frida’s hair. It’s the perfect balance of bold neutral and bold color. This piece was created at Dinky Dolls Tatuaje & Piercing, in Charleville-Mézières, France.


The Balance of Light and Dark, by Andrea Jigen

As you’ve noticed, several Frida Kahlo tattoos balance the elements of light and dark. It makes sense, as both Frida’s life and art did the same. Andrea Jigen, of Wet Paint Tattoo in Bruneck, Italy did this Frida Kahlo tattoo, which features the aforementioned light and dark contrast. The top of the tatt is full of colorful flowers; there are also pops of colors in her lips and earrings. But the rest of the tattoo is dark and moody. It strikes a balance so that you don’t have a piece that’s too cheery, or too somber. It’s also good to see that Frida is being immortalized on the skin of people all over the world.


Butterly Eye Frida, by Cindy Avendaño

When you artistically represent a person, you can choose to focus on different elements of that person. Since each artist sees the world in his or her own unique way, the result itself is special, and often different from the rest. This Frida Kahlo tattoo, by Cindy Avendaño in Medellin, Colombia, shows a pretty, delicate Frida, in rosy-toned makeup and surrounded by butterflies, branches with green leaves, and a hummingbird (we love how one butterfly is part of her eye!). Cindy also adds in the two paintbrushes at the bottom, as well as the “wings to fly” Kahlo quote.


Romantic Kahlo in Gray, by Nathalia Timoteo


A lesson learned during this tattoo roundup is that, if you’re going to get a Frida Kahlo tattoo, you better get an artist who is serious about knocking out some beautiful flowers. Just look how pretty these flowers, made by Brazilian tattoo artist Nathalia Timoteo are! The whole look is very soft and romantic, with the wispy hair, and softly-shaded eyes. It features the Frida Kahlo identifiers we mentioned previously but done in a different, stylized way so that it looks like something new and unique. We’re also digging the soft, neutral, gray tone of it all.


A Frida Kahlo World, by Crystal Martinez

With tattoos, it is often the case that you should go big, or go home. If you’re not going to go the extra mile for the perfect piece, then why bother? This tattoo, by Crystal Martinez of Speakeasy Custom Tattoo in Chicago, delivers that message clearly. Several things associated with Frida Kahlo are dispersed throughout a grayscale tattoo, with fabulous results. At the top, we have an artistic rendition of a Kahlo photograph. Under that, the Mexican artist is surrounded by flowers and leaves, birds (including a hummingbird), and a skull. The result is an entire world, which includes Frida Kahlo, instead of a smaller moment.


Frida: All of the Details, None of the Color, by Des.Inkner


In art, black and white lines are simple but can be striking, when used to make intricate and/or bold patterns and shapes. This tattoo, by Des.Inkner Tattoo in Berlin, Germany demonstrates that ability. In it, Frida Kahlo’s flowers seem to grow right off of her head, and striking black lines are used to add detail to her hair and pattern to her shirt. The amount of detail keeps you interested, despite the lack of color. It’s a gorgeous tattoo, from an artist who appears to exclusively do black-and-white/grayscale work. We love when artists have their signature colors and styles.

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