15 Frida Kahlo Items That Celebrate the Iconic Artist

There are so many reasons to love iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo

Photo: Etsy/HandcraftsMexDesign

Photo: Etsy/HandcraftsMexDesign

There are so many reasons to love iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. First, there’s her amazing art, which emanated from her heart and soul. Frida herself was a strong, vulnerable, loving, and wise woman who wasn’t afraid to challenge the status quo and resist oppressive standards often pushed on women. Lastly, the Mexicana of Indigenous descent was proud of her Latina roots. When we see her, we see ourselves. Her success, talent, and rebellious spirit inspire us to achieve greatness. It’s no wonder we instantly want to snatch up pretty much all things with Frida’s image and style on it. As a result, we went ahead and curated a shoppable collection of 15 fabulous Frida Kahlo products — enjoy!


Frida Kahlo Enamel Mug by HandcraftsMexDesign

Photo: HandcraftsMexDesign/Etsy

We’ve seen quite a few Frida Kahlo mugs in our day. They’re all great but often look way too similar to each other. This enamel mug, by HandcraftsMexDesign on Etsy, instantly stood out. It features Frida’s iconic face, from the eyes up (so you see her most recognized identifiers — her eyebrows, and the colorful flowers in her hair). The rest of the mug is filled with her most famous quotes. Her words have proven inspirational to so many people because of their beauty and truth. Seeing and reading them every morning will no doubt serve as inspiration and perspective to whoever owns this mug!

Available on Etsy, $14


Frida Kahlo Tote Bag by Luxx Divine

Photo: Luxx Divine/Etsy

Tote bags are so useful. They can be used as shopping bags at the grocery store, act as a backpack to hold all your work essentials, carry your lunch and snacks, and work as an alternative to a gym bag. You’re most likely going to use them multiple times for a thousand different things, so why not get one that’s stylish and shows the world who you admire? This beautiful tote by Luxx Divine features Frida Kahlo’s face. It’s so rich and colorful, it’s bound to turn heads. It’s a bag that’s both functional and totally cute.

Available on Etsy, $13.17


Frida Kahlo Cookie by Rocio Cuenca

We aren’t sure if this cookie is even available for sale, but it was too incredible not to include in this roundup of Frida Kahlo items we love. Just look at it — it’s perfection! The 3D sweet treat was created by Spanish baker Rocio Cuenca. There’s so much detail in this cookie, from the perfectly-crafted red roses to the volume in the braids and the banner that reads: “Viva La Vida.” The colors are rich with everything so perfectly crafted, it hardly looks like a dessert item. We’d have no problem ordering these amazing cookies, but getting ourselves to actually eat them would be challenging. Breaking apart this artistic-looking cookie would feel criminal!


Frida Kahlo Sweatshirt by ONME

Photo: ONME/Etsy

It seems as if there’s an endless array of Frida Kahlo sweatshirts online. But the best ones will always make us want to buy them, no matter how many we’ve seen already or might already own. The funny thing with Frida Kahlo merch is a lot of them tend to look pretty much the same. It’s always your usual Frida image on a blank top. But this particular sweatshirt by ONWE stands out from the usual bunch with its fresh take. It features a Frida Kahlo painting, but instead of having it within the generic box in the center of a blank shirt (which can sometimes look awesome but so typical), it lets the art roam free. You have to appreciate that.

Available on Etsy, $45.50


Frida Kahlo Pendant by My Papercut Forest

Photo: My Papercut Forest/Etsy

Ever wish you could carry around Frida Kahlo’s art with you? Well, now you can! How adorable is this pendant necklace? Created by Silvina de Vita, the Argentinian behind My Papercut Forest, it features a Victorian-style dome over a teeny-tiny painting by Frida Kahlo. The artwork is set on an easel, and nearby you can see an artist’s palette and a book. It’s like you have a whole little world — a whole scene of what Frida’s life was like — within that dome. This is the kind of Frida Kahlo necklace you want to get to set yourself apart from the sea of other similar versions.

Available on Etsy, $41.10


Frida Kahlo Nail Decals by GlossDecals

Photo: GlossDecals/Etsy

One of the big beauty trends for 2019 is bare nails, with interesting artwork on it. Get your neutral beige, grey, or pink nails done, and then add these cool Frida Kahlo nail decals by GlossDecals, owned by Taylor Gonzalez. You get a variety of colorful styles featuring Frida’s face, flowers, flower petals, and one that features just Kahlo’s brows and lips. It’s a fun way to add an artsy, Latinx touch to your manicure, and pay homage to one of the best artists ever. For those who want to keep it all-the-way neutral, GlossDecals also have a black and white line drawing set.

Available on Etsy, $10


Frida Kahlo T-Shirt by Retrocrix

Remember how we said that we like to see fresh, cool, and new iterations of Frida Kahlo apparel? Well, this shirt by Retrocrix delivers exactly what we were talking about. It features Kahlo in an old-school tattoo art style. The detail is amazing and the colors are so rich and crisp. It also shows Frida in a more realistic way. We like when people put their own, unique spin on the artist, but some change her up so much, the only features you recognize are her braids and signature unibrow.

Available on Etsy, $31.37-$32.91


Frida Kahlo Wisdom Pocket Book at Artelexia

Photo: Artelexia

Frida Kahlo, in addition for being known for her art, style, and character, is also known for her amazing quotes. These quotes speak on love, strength, pain, and her experience as a painter, all with the artistic perspective she gave to her paintings. These quotes give us inspiration on the daily, and we wish we could carry several of them with us all the time. Well, now you can. This adorable mini book, perfect to drop into your purse, features Frida Kahlo quotes that you can reference again and again. It also makes for a great Latinx gift or stocking stuffer!

Available on Artelexia, $10


Frida Kahlo Pillow by AAstylebythesea

Photo: AAstylebythesea/Etsy

We must admit, it’s fun to find different versions of Frida Kahlo items that really stand out from what we’re used to seeing. This Frida Kahlo pillow does just that. It’s drastically different from what we’re used to seeing, all while still staying true to the artist and her essence. We love the way this pillow print features Kahlo standing with a paintbrush in her hand. You still see her signature braids and brows — making her instantly recognizable. You gotta appreciate this design for its uniqueness. Grab it now in the AAstylebythesea shop on Etsy, but hurry — it’s almost out of stock!

Available on Etsy, $40


Frida Kahlo Earrings by Confetti in the Classroom

Photo: Confetti in the Classroom/Etsy

There are all kinds of big, bold, and ornate Frida Kahlo-inspired earrings on the market, and they’re gorgeous. But, sometimes, you just want something cute and simple. These super adorable ones by Confetti in the Classroom (with a name like that, you know they carry fun products) is just the solution. They’re small, stylish and made with art plastic, so chances are, they’re going to feel lightweight. Also, within the small space of each earring, you get so much Frida detail (in a cartoon-like interpretation of the artist). These earrings are great for those who like to rep for Frida in a more minimalist way.

Available on Etsy, $7


Frida Kahlo Lip Balm by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Photo: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild/Amazon

There are beauty products you use on the regular. Those you can’t live without, that perpetually live in your makeup bag or tossed into your tote. Lip balm is one of those items. Why not add a dose of Frida to such a usually-bland item? The Unemployed Philosophers Guild makes various lip balms dedicated to iconic people in history. Thankfully, Frida is one of them. Her lip balm is called “Frida Kahlo’s On the Lips of Dreams Lip Balm,” and has a citric orange, lime, and lemon flavor. It instantly moisturizes while making your beauty bag that much cooler.

Available on Amazon, $5.25


Frida Kahlo Pin by The Found

Photo: The Found

Pins are everywhere. There is a little enamel pin for everything you can think of. That includes those dedicated to legends like Frida Kahlo. We have seen several great options but chose this one by The Found to include in our roundup of Frida Kahlo items to buy. You see, it features Frida, but adds layers to the typical Frida pin. She is wearing a Rosie the Riveter outfit, which shouts out the women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II. Then, there is the quote, “Si Se Puede,” made famous by Chicana Dolores Huerta when fighting for farm workers’ rights. It’s a perfect feminist trifecta

Available at The Found, $11


Frida Kahlo T-Shirt by THEKINDSTUDIO


Maybe you love Frida Kahlo, but don’t want a shirt, or other items, with her image on it. Maybe you have enough of those, or don’t like to wear tees with faces on them. Or perhaps, you just want to focus more on her great quotes? Whatever your reasoning, this T-shirt by THEKINDSTUDIO is everything. It features the Frida quote, “I am my own muse,” which makes it the ideal tee for two reasons. One, it’s paying homage to Frida Kahlo and her incredible mind. Second, it’s a feminist shirt, that reminds the world that you don’t need anyone to inspire you because you inspire yourself. Added bonus? 10% of each sale “supports global women.”

Available on Etsy $20


Frida Kahlo Nail Polish and Lipstick Set, by Republic Cosmetics

Photo: Republic Cosmetics

Frida Kahlo loved to wear makeup, which included boldly-colored lipstick and nail polish. It seems fitting then, that cosmetics have been made, which are inspired by the iconic artist. Beauty brand Republic Cosmetics has created several lipsticks, nail polishes, and manicure tools inspired by Frida. The colors are bright, the packaging has artwork featuring Kahlo’s face and own art, and the vibe is super cool. The products all have names that have to do with Kahlo, most of which are in Spanish. We don’t know much about the ingredients, but can’t wait to check these fun beauty products in person. Did we mention you can also find them at your local CVS?

Available at Republic Cosmetics, $15


Frida Kahlo Necklace by CherrylocoJewellery

Photo: CherrylocoJewellery/Etsy

When it came to her style, Frida definitely embraced the mindset: go big or go home. Everything about her fashion choices and personality was bold. It was a reflection of her culture, of her heart, and of what she found to be important in her life. This necklace by CherrylocoJewellery, embraces that more-is-more aesthetic perfectly. You have Frida’s face on almost 3 inches of colorful plastic. Then you get the added bonus of having another side to the pendant, which features Frida Kahlo as a calavera. It’s literally like getting two great necklaces for the price of one! It’s a striking, artsy, accessory that you can wear again and again.

Available on Etsy, $62.04

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