Potent Full Moon in Pisces Requires Intuitive Transformation

Time to check-in with your gut this full moon in Pisces as you navigate your way through an emotional tug of wars

Art courtesy Johanna Ferreira

Art courtesy Johanna Ferreira

Time to check-in with your gut this full moon in Pisces as you navigate your way through an emotional tug of wars. Full moons bring the opportunity of harvest. The “Harvest Moon” on September 13th is the final full moon before we transition into the Autumn Equinox, which means you will be reaping the seeds you planted during Summer Solstice. To be clear, the reference of seeds is in regards to your intentions and goals you have set into motion. Although, farmers too are reaping abundant harvest during this time because, in the literal sense, this full moon is a time that has been long associated with crops by Native American cultures and traditional farming.

This Pisces full moon will be a time of being extra in tune with your emotions, intuition, and compassionate nature. Yes, that even applies to your boss! Don’t be surprised if you become more sympathetic in the coming week and discover how to tolerate the person who always eats more than one bagel during bagel Wednesday at the office. Just saying.

All jokes aside, yes, there will be moments of clarity and enthusiasm ushered in by the Pisces energy, but there’s a polarity to this full moon that will require transformation. How so? Be willing to surrender to change. Pisces is deeply connected to doing what is right because it is idealistic. This could result in the full moon’s influence resurfacing unfinished business for you. In particular, emotional wounds needing to be resolved on a very deep level could be up for discussion. Scales will be balanced and karma will be front and center with this naturally intuitive full moon. Word to the wise? Reflect, cleanse, release.

Remember to be easy on yourself and others during this time. Be cautious of empathetic abilities. This heightened lunar energy will require you to be inquisitive of whether you’re taking on the emotions of others. If you are an empath or intuitive-sensitive individual you will want to consider working with specific crystal stones to assist you with blocking excess unwanted energy. Tiger’s eye or black obsidian work well for absorbing all unwanted energy. If you work in a field that allows you to interact with many personalities, it is advisable you cleanse with sage or palo santo every evening over the course of the next two weeks, in order to assist you with releasing the energy you’ve picked up from those interactions. Be mindful of checking in occasionally with how you feel and why. Try to be aware of whether those emotions are truly yours, to begin with. Then decompress at home and bump some Erykah Badu as you recite a personal mantra along the lines of, “No more bags, bag lady.”

This can be a freeing and transformative full moon for you if you allow yourself to surrender to the new beginnings that the universe is assisting you with. Give yourself the opportunity to welcome change into your life by growing through the uncomfortable. Full moons always welcome completions in cycles and that is certainly the case this September 13th.

Friday’s Pisces full moon will be potent, considering it is conjunct Neptune it’s ruler, and vibrating under the nine energy in numerology. Endings and realizations are around the corner. Expect the truth to come to surface around any secrets or illusions during this time. It is best to come clean if you have been suppressing anything that needs to come to light.

On a final note, traditionally in Western culture the number 13 is associated with superstition, however, that’s not the case. With this full moon landing on Friday the 13th, one might expect it to be filled with black cats and broomsticks. You’ll be disappointed to know that 13 is actually a very positive and spiritual number in many cultures including the Mesoamerican indigenous cultures of the Mayan and Aztecs. Set aside any negative connotations towards this Friday 13th and allow yourself to welcome spiritual insight into the next phase of your personal growth.

May you manifest wisely. Enjoy!

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