15 Fun Eyeliner Colors You Should Try

Latinas love themselves some eyeliner

Photo: Unsplash/@jamie_fenn

Photo: Unsplash/@jamie_fenn

Latinas love themselves some eyeliner. Black eyeliner, especially, is practically a beauty staple for us. Since the days of Old Hollywood, when we saw stars like Dolores del Rio and Maria Felix with their dramatic black liner looks, we have been transfixed. It’s the bold eye look of so many decades. Lola Falana, Raquel Welch, and Celia Cruz all had beauty looks during the 1960s that featured a fierce cat eye. Lisa Lisa, Gloria Estefan, and Appolonia rimmed their eyes with black in the ’80s. Needless to say, it’s a big part of Latinx pop culture and belleza.

But what about all those other colors we can be rocking? The rich jewel tones, the dreamy pastels, fun neon, and sparkly metallics? Why just stick to black and brown liners when we have a number of cool color options we could be sporting? With all the color trends that we have seen during the past few seasons, beauty aficinados have been having fun trying all kinds of colors to line their eyes. For those who are adventurous, but still need the security blanket that is black eyeliner, you can always pair a black line with a color liner. It’s a fun way to use the classic black line to anchor the color you feature above it. So, now that we have your attention, let’s take a look at 15 fabulous, colorful eyeliners which will have you wanting to put the black liner down and add a pop of color to your ojos.


Hot Pink

Neon colors have been such a dominant trend on the runways for what seems like forever. It’s a total homage to the throwback super-bright hues of the late ’80s and ’90s. One of these majorly on-trend colors is neon or hot pink, and it’s trickled down from clothing to beauty. A hot pink eyeliner sounds way outside of the norm for eyeliner, but it looks so pretty! Whether it’s pencil or liquid eyeliner, the sweep of bold color is great if you want to add some pop to a neutral lip. There are also those who do a matchy-matchy look, wearing both a line of hot pink on the eyes, with matching lips (if you keep the rest of the face neutral, it really works well). Try a pink line by itself, as well as with black eyeliner, or both black and white liners for a graphic, sandwiched liner look.

A good eyeliner to try: Tarte Limited-Edition Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner in Bubblegum, $14, Tartecosmetics.com 




If hot pink is a little too much for you, that’s alright! If you want the rosiness that pink brings, but don’t want to go the Barbie route, a sophisticated burgundy is a great alternative. It’s close enough to brown and black to serve as a great neutral alternative. It also really makes hazel, and green eyes pop, as red is across from green on the color wheel, making the two complementary colors. Burgundy is one of those colors that gives you enough color to add pop without being too much.

A good eyeliner to try: Colorpop Best O Creme Gel Liner, $5, Colourpop.com 



For those who want to wear an on-trend fashion color and who also want to add a sunny pop to their eyes, yellow eyeliner is for you. It looks so striking, especially on darker skin, and rocks on its own, or when paired with black eyeliner for a graphic look. A way to subdue the look and really leave the focus on the eyes is to wear yellow eyeliner with a neutral lip. Think whatever is “nude” for you, or even leaving the lips completely bare, with some lip balm. For those who want to get colorful, you can pair yellow liner with soft or hot pink lips.

A good eyeliner to try: Dior Diorshow Liner Star in Matte Yellow, $30.50, Sephora.com


Cobalt Blue


A punchy eyeliner color that has been around for so long that it almost feels like a neutral is cobalt or electric blue. It instantly adds a look-at-me touch to the eyes and looks great on a variety of eye colors. It really enhances the colors of a lot of eye colors, from brown to green. This is another hue which is rich enough to wear on its own or is fun to pair with black. The contrast between the two is bold, but not too much.

A good eyeliner to try: SEPHORA COLLECTION Long-Lasting 12 HR Eyeliner in Fancy Blue $12, Sephora.com



Metallic colors will give your peepers a luxe look. Copper adds warmth and looks amazing on blue eyes, really making the blue pop. But copper will look good on a variety of eye colors. It will bring out any copper flecks or portions of your eye, and serves as a pretty frame on any hue. Within what is considered copper, you can find a variety of shades of the hue. If shimmery metallics aren’t your thing, you can get copper liners which provide that warm, orangey color, without the sparkle.

A good eyeliner to try: Maybelline New York Eyestudio Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil, in Striking Copper, $6.42, Amazon.com




Whether you rocked it first in the ’80s, or this is your first time lining your eyes with this cheery shade, teal is a fun color to include in your eyeliner collection. Firstly, it’s the perfect in-between-blue-and-green color, making it look fab on a variety of skin tones. It also adds that perfect spring-like swipe of color. Teal liner looks great with peachy blush and lips — the combination offers just a bit of color and warmth, without going overboard. It’s just a fun color to try!

A good eyeliner to try: NYX Professional Makeup Retractable Eyeliner in Aqua Green, $5.50, nyxcosmetics.com



Another tried-and-true eyeliner color that offers something more than the super-neutral blacks and browns, is purple. The rich jewel-tone shade makes green eyes look super green, it looks beautiful around dark brown eyes and works great as smokey eye color. It’s pretty, mysterious, and luxurious. As this photo shows, you can get purple liner in a variety of shades, from lavender to deep plum. We recommend just having fun with them!

A good eyeliner to try: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Psychedelic Sister (or Delinquent!), $22, Nordstrom.com



The biggest neutral eyeliner, outside of black, grey, and brown, is navy. It’s close enough to black to be a safe departure but offers a cool rich dose of color. It also makes the whites of your eyes look whiter and brighter! Every makeup bag should have a navy eyeliner in it.

A good eyeliner to try: Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Art Eyeliner in Deep Navy, $20, Toofaced.com




Another classic eyeliner that should be in everyone’s makeup kit is a white liner. It gives a graphic pop to any other eyeliner it is stacked with. It also makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. Here’s a super cheap option that will cost you under a dollar put still wonderfully get the job done.

A good eyeliner to try: Jordana Best Liner for Brow and Eye 7″ Eyeliner Pencil in White, $0.99, Jordanacosmetics.com




I think it’s safe to say that one should always go for the gold, no matter what the situation. Gold eyeliner easily takes black eyeliner from casual to glam, adding an instant touch of luxe. It also looks beautiful on its own. If you are cool-toned, and/or gold is just not your thing, you can always try equally-fabulous silver.

A good eyeliner to try: Morphe Gel Liner in Lit AF, $9, Morphebrushes.com



Remember we said that red is the complementary color for green, and that, because of this, reddish eye makeup really makes the green in your eyes really pop? Well, for those of you who want a strikingly bold, futuristic, and literal interpretation of this fact, red eyeliner is for you.

A good eyeliner to try: Shiseido Kajal InkArtist – Shadow, Liner Brow in Azuki Red, $25, shiseido.com


Pastel Pink


On the other end of the on-trend color spectrum, away from the neons, are the powdery soft pastels. Baby pink eyeliner is a great way to partake in this ’80s and ’90s trend. It also provides a pretty, feminine contrast to black liner that is softer than stark white.

A good eyeliner to try: SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Shadow & Liner in Pink Glitter, $14, Sephora.com




If you liked the bright yellow eyeliner, you’ll love its orange equal. You can opt for a pop of neon yellow, or find the right orange for you. Terracotta? Tangerine? Living Coral (Pantone’s Color of the Year)?

A good eyeliner to try: Dose of Colors Set the Tone Cream Matte Eyeliner in Light My Fire, $19, Doseofcolors.com


Olive Green

There are so many colors that occur in nature that look amazing on us humans. One of them is neutral olive/army/moss green. It will highlight olive green eyes, or bring out the olive flecks in eyes, but in a neutral, earthy, and subtle way.

A good eyeliner to try: Maybelline Lasting Drama Matte Eyeliner in Jade Olive, $5.99, Ulta.com




Our final eyeliner color actually isn’t a color at all, but a fun finish. You can try any of these colors, or one of your tried-and-true classics, like black, brown, grey, or navy, with a glittery finish. It will instantly add some glam to your look. You can keep the rest of the face neutral and matte for an elevated daytime look. Because we all deserve to shine.

A good eyeliner to try: Too Faced Glitter Pop Eyeliner in Super Fun Night (it peels off!), $20, Toofaced.com

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