Gael García Bernal Calls out Mexico President Over Mormon Killings

The brutal murder of a Mormon family in Mexico has people questioning the Mexican and United States government over their handling of the situation

Photo: Wikimedia/NotimexTV

Photo: Wikimedia/NotimexTV

The brutal murder of a Mormon family in Mexico has people questioning the Mexican and United States government over their handling of the situation. Actor Gael García Bernal took to Twitter to call out Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) over his comments on the attack that occurred on Monday. The attack left nine people dead. 

According to CNN, A Mexican cartel is suspected of the crime in which two women and seven children were killed in an ambush attack while they were driving in separate vehicles. The victims had dual citizenship in Mexico and the U.S. and had settled in the mountains of Sonora. Their family are longtime Mexico residents and were members of a Mormon community that appeared to be fundamentalists.

On Tuesday, García Bernal called out AMLO on social media and said he isn’t taking proper responsibility over the crimes that occurred this week. “Every femicide, every murder, every injustice against children and old people. Terrible what happened yesterday. What happens daily, damn. How sad,” García Bernal wrote in a tweet. 

He added: “If you don’t change the government and [AMLO] of the narrative to assume their responsibilities. Why the f*ck did we vote for you? They should assume their responsibility completely and do the impossible so that this does not happen anymore. He must return to his mantra and objective.”

García Bernal’s anger reflects how AMLO claimed he would fight to end violence in the country. However, there seems to be an uptick in attacks at the hands of the drug cartels. 

In response to the attack, AMLO said his solution to deal with violence is to deal with poverty first because, according to him, that is the root of the crimes. It hurts a lot, but are we going to want to solve the problem in the same way? Declaring war? That, in the case of our country, has been shown not to work. That was a failure, that caused more violence, acting like this,” AMLO said, per MSN

President Donald Trump also tweeted that he was expecting a call from AMLO after the attack. But people on social media say a significant contribution to the problem is the consumption of drugs in the U.S. and their accessibility to assault weapons. 

García Bernal has been retweeting people who are calling for the U.S. to ban assault weapons, including a tweet from a family member of those killed in the attack. 

“Want to help?” Alex LeBaron tweeted to President Trump. “Focus on lowering Drug Consumption in the U.S. Want to help some more? Stop the ATF and Gun Law loopholes from systematically injecting high powered assault weapons to Mexico… Please help.”

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