Galentine’s Gift Guide: Latinx-Owned Brands to Shop for Your BFF

February 14 is not just the day of love

Photo: Artelexia

Photo: Artelexia

February 14 is not just the day of love. Valentine’s Day is also about celebrating female friendships, so much so, that the holiday even has a second name — Galentine’s Day. It’s a moment to honor and show appreciation for your friends and to hang with your girlfriends if they aren’t spending the day with their significant others. While these days should happen year-round, holidays like Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day reminds us to take time to show our appreciation to those we love, and who love us.

Like Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day can be celebrated with some fabulous gifts because why not? Since we love prepping you with some of the best shopping guides around, we wanted to put together a guide to what to get your best friend(s) for Galentine’s Day. Added bonus? Every item is from a Latinx brand.

Casa Veras Design Churros y Conchas Valentine’s Shirt

Photo: CasaVeraDesign/Etsy

You love your bestie and you both love churros and conchas. Casa Vera Design has a T-shirt that encompasses all these emotions, in a Galentine’s Day-perfect ‘XOXO”design.

Available on, $22-$24

Hija de tu Madre Mija Necklace

Photo: Hija de tu Madre

Part of being a good friend is encouraging your amiga to follow their dreams, and become the jefas they want to be. This pretty Hija de tu Madre necklace features two inspiring messages: “You’re Doing Great Mija,” and “Make Jefa Moves,” things your loved ones definitely need to hear on the regular.

Available at, $46.99

Herbal Hermanas Co. Chamomile Lemon Aromatherapy Candle

Photo: HerbalHermanasCo/Etsy

Our next fabulous Galentine’s Day gift comes from Herbal Hermanas Co. A hand-poured soy candle with dried chamomile, chamomile essential oil, and lemon essential oil will invite your nearest and dearest to unwind and practice self-care in a natural, non-toxic way. Added bonus? When [the] candle reaches 1/4” send it back and [they] will refill it at a discounted price.

Available at, $10

Piritees Self-Care Tote

Photo: Piritees

Speaking of self-care, it’s important! True friends will encourage you to practice it, and you should do the same. This cute tote from Piritees literally spells out “self-care,” with illustrations of ladies who are taking the time to focus on their health and themselves. It’s perfect for toting all your friend’s essentials when heading to the gym, beach, or that pilates class.

Available at, $26

Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano

Maybe it’s time to start that BFF book club you all keep talking about! Whether you all plan to check out a new libro together, or you want to gift your friend something individually, Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent is a great choice. It looks at the different things that the Europeans colonizers took from Latin American countries and the aftereffects. It is also one of the books John Leguizamo recommends as essential reading for all Latinxs.

Available at, $15.73

Yo Soy AfroLatina The &&& Tee

A fabulous gift that celebrates several different amazing facets of being Afro-Latinx, and is an especially cool option for Afro-Mexicanas is this T-shirt by Yo So AfroLatina. It features the words “Frida Kahlo, & Insecure, & Adobo, & Edge Control & Selena” — so many cool things on one top.

Available at, $25

Loquita Bath + Body ’80s Gift Set with Sticker

Photo: Loquita Bath + Body

Galentine’s Day is a perfect time to get your friends those wonderful, indulgent “me time” products that they want but never get around to purchasing. Loquita Bath + Body’s ’80s Gift Set not only looks rad in the best ’80s way possible (complete with retro stickers), it also includes:

1 Tainted love whipped soap (violet, cucumber water, bergamot, buddha wood, tonka bean)

1 SuperFreak sugar scrub (incense, wine & strawberry candles)

1 Love song sugar scrub (jasmine, lavender, & violets with hints of musk)

1 Just like heaven whipped soap (cotton candy & nice complementary floral notes

Available at, $27

Passport Polish’s South American Collection

Photo: Passport Polish

Nail polish, in a fun, classic, or daring hue is a fun beauty item to gift your friends. You can grab them a color they would love, or one that will push them out of their comfort zone. A brand that we recommend is Latinx-created and owned Passport Polish. They have a ton of fun colors, including those in their South American Collection. And they’re only $5 each, so you can nab a bottle for all your close amigas!

Available at, $5 each

Viva La Bonita White Bonita Crew Socks

Why allow your friends to wear boring socks? Gift them a pair that will go with most everything, but that will also shout out both their bonita-ness and Latinx culture with these dope “Bonita” socks (also available in black) in an Old English chola font.

Available at, $15

Hija de tu Madre Book of Jefa Moves Leather Notebook

Photo: Hija de tu Madre

Writing down your goals, jotting down ideas, journaling your experiences and feelings, and making daily to-do lists are so important to keep you centered and focused on what’s important and what needs to get done. Gifting a friend a notebook is like giving them a blank canvas on which to create an entire world. We especially love this boss lady-perfect one by Hija de tu Madre, which is emblazoned with “Book of Jefa Moves.”

Available at, $27

Sweet Street Cosmetics Wing Queen Eyeliners (2) and Lowrider Mini Cosmetics Pouch

Photo: Sweet Street Cosmetics

There is such a strong tie between Latinx culture and eyeliner. It’s one of those beauty products we have to have on hand, and that we go through a lot of. A gift that will be much appreciated and much used is this Wing Queen set by Sweet Street Cosmetics. You get not one, but two of their sleek eyeliners and a bomb AF lowrider makeup bag to store them (and your other makeup) in.

Available at, $40

La Guera Creations Si Se Puede Mug (17 oz.)

Photo: LaGueraCreations/Etsy

Thanks to Dolores Huerta, we have an empowering quote that inspires us to look beyond perceived limitations: “Si se puede.” Add a dose of encouragement to your friend’s morning with La Guera Creation’s cute coffee mug, which is painted with the bold truth.

Available at, $13.50

Loquita Bath + Body Mimis Time Shower Steamers

Photo: Loquita Bath + Body

Another cute and effective gift from Loquita Bath + Body that your friend(s) will love is their Mimis Time Shower Steamers (the steamers are also available in other versions). Made for relaxing right before bedtime, they contain lavender essential oil, lavender fragrance, and menthol.

Available at, $6

Viva La Bonita A Love Letter Mini Poster

Photo: Viva La Bonita

Sure, you speak words of encouragement to those closest to you, but you want them to remember these important messages even if you’re not around. This Viva La Bonita A Love Letter Mini Poster speaks empowering truth that can be hung on the wall and looked at for years to come, things like “you are worthy & you are capable.”

Available at, $10

Cortez Made Co. Corazon de Melon Zipper Pouch

Photo: Cortez Made Co./Etsy

Your BBF has a corazon de melon, so this adorable zippered pouch makes for a perfect Galentine’s Day gift. The Cortez Made Co.’s bag lets you colorfully celebrate your culture, while also holding all your stuff. Win, win!

Available at, $15

XIXI At the Cross Hoops

We are pretty sure that your friend would love another pair of hoops. Ones that work as a neutral, classic piece, but also have something extra are these At the Cross earrings by Adrienne Bailon’s line, XIXI. They’re a great way to showcase your faith, and also have a cool, vintage ’80s feel to them.

Available at shopxixicom, $30

Classic Mexican Candy Mix Box 52-PIECES, by My Mexican Candy

Photo: My Mexican Candy

This Classic Mexican Candy Mix Box, by My Mexican Candy, features a whopping 52 pieces of candy, including Pulparindo, Vero Mango Chili Lollipops, and De La Rosa mazapan — for way less than elsewhere online. You can separate the stash among all the besties this year, or gift them to that major sweet tooth you know.

Available at, $8.99

Very That Rattan Earrings

Photo: Very That

Very That carries these fabulous rattan earrings that feel so right now fashion-wise, but also so timeless. Gift these with the promise of a tropical friends trip, or a stylish day by the pool when the weather warms up.

Available at, $14

1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, Charles C. Mann

Another book on John Leguizamo’s list of books that Latinos should read (you can check out the list here and here) is 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus. It tells the truth about the indigenous cultures that thrived before Columbus arrived — the truth we weren’t taught.

Available at, $11.68

Artelexia Love Yourself Goodie Bag

Photo: Artelexia

Self-care is an important part of self-love. A thoughtful gift for your friends to start, or continue self-care is Artelexia’s made-to-order Love Yourself Goodie Bag.

Available at, $45

Tu Rincon Ideal Polymer Clay Jewelry Dish, Trinket Dish, and Ring Holder

Photo: TuRinconIdeal/Etsy

Another thing that most everyone needs — your friends included — is a little dish where they can place jewelry and other small objects. Tu Rincon Ideal makes this gorgeous set that includes a couple of dishes made with polymer clay and glammed up with gold paint. Also included is a matching ring holder.

Available at, $16.99

Vive Cosmetics Hola Beautiful Lipstick Kit

Photo: Vive Cosmetics

Makeup is so wonderful to buy, whether it be for yourself or others. Vive Cosmetics has a great kit now that lets you get one of their beautifully-hued lipsticks, with the addition of this equally-beautiful “hola beautiful” makeup bag to hold it in. Two amazing regalos in uno.

Available at, $35.99

Tazo Chocolate – Classic Collection Pack

Photo: Artelexia

Chocolate makes everything better. And you don’t have to wait around for a man to gift you some in a romantic way. Buy wonderful chocolate for yourself and your buds! Artelexia carries this cool set of Mexican-style, stone ground, organic and direct trade TAZA Chocolate, in these yummy flavors: salted almond, vanilla, coffee, and cinnamon.

Available at, $28

PERUVIAN LEGACY Baby Alpaca Blanket


Whether you’re curling up on the couch or keeping warm on a plane, a cozy blanket is such a life essential. That’s why it also makes such an awesome gift. PERUVIAN LEGACY has these 100% alpaca fiber blankets, available in 11 colors, and portable enough to want to take everywhere.

Available at, $79.99

Very That Chula Mirror

Photo: Very That

Everyone needs a mirror to make sure they look on point. This chula one, by Very That, is a great Latinx-themed lifesaver to gift to your friends this Galentine’s Day.

Available at, $10

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