5 Most Disturbing Moments from the Gayle King Interview with R. Kelly

Let’s begin by recognizing the strength, poise, and infallibility of Black women like Gayle King. Throughout her much-anticipated interview with R. Kelly, which aired on Friday evening at 8 pm ET, King demonstrated the measured focus of a veteran journalist while also providing a tangible glimpse at what “Black girl magic” looks like up close.

Her ability to withstand various disturbing moments from her interview subjects was nothing short of heroic, as her mission for the interview was clear.

“He is a mirror reflecting a reckoning,” King spoke, highlighting why her conversation with Kelly was critical at this moment in time. “The explosive interview is part of a larger conversation America is right in the middle of – it has to do with violence, privilege and the rights of women.”

Here are the most explosive and disturbing aspects of that interview.




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