Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 15 Gifts for the Fun and Indecisive Gemini

What can we say about Gemini’s that hasn’t already been said? These are the fun-loving and totally adaptable friends and lovers of the zodiac

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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What can we say about Gemini’s that hasn’t already been said? These are the fun-loving and totally adaptable friends and lovers of the zodiac. Their duality is what can make them fun to shop for since they are likely able to slip into nearly anything and make it work. What is quirky and cool to them today might change tomorrow but they’ll probably come back around at some point. A great Gemini gift is something that can appeal to their light and their dark, as well as, their fun and their serious sides. Here are 15 gifts for the Gemini who wants it all but probably still can’t decide.


Sweet Street Cosmetics

This is for the gal who likes a good wing because who doesn’t? It’s a perfect gift for a Gemini that wants to be casual but still likes to party since you can go from a lil’ wing to major drama real quick. It’s also got the gliding power to draw some cool Euphoria inspired lewks if they should choose.

About Wing Queen Eyeliner, $20, 


Mexico En La Piel Mini Handbag

These fancy fanny packs come in all different colors and can be customized! It might be best to access your Gemini comadre and see where her mood is at before you pick a color. But you can also for white or black that will pretty much go with anything.

Mexico En La Piel Purse, $53, 


Secrets of La Casa Rosada

Gemini’s are intelligent and curious by nature, so a good book can be a great gift idea. Secrets of La Casa Rosada is a story about finding yourself and learning to blend into a new place with new people. Your Gemini pal is sure to relate!

Secrets of La Casa Rosada, $13,


Lights Lacquer

What better way to show of your mood and paint a vibe than with vegan, cruelty free polish in cute shades? You can appeal to their practical air sign nature since it’s free of nasty chemicals, dries fast, and comes in a variety of flirty shades.

Lights Lacquer Nail Polish 11, $10,


Viva La Bonita Essential Sweatshirt

If your Gemini is on a serious tip or loves to look cute while dressing down, this BONITA sweatshirt is a win-win. She’ll be able to announce that she’s a bad b**h while being cozy af. It’s also totally fashion that they can dress up when they feel like going out or wear with sweatpants when they change their minds and cancel your plans.

Viva La Bonita Black Bonita Essential Sweatshirt, $37, 


Hot Sundae Sparkle Clips

What better way to express your inner Gemini goddess than to make it fashion with hair jewelry. There is legit a clip for every mood here at a variety of price points. Get one for your pal and get one for you too while you’re at it!

Holiday Poinsettia Head Wrap, $15,


Mercury Hour Small Locked Up Necklace


This one applies best if the Gemini in your life is also your partner or if ya’ll have a lot going on together because $95 is money, money. BUT a silver locket with their first initial is way cute and totally something they could wear everyday no matter what’s going on in their brains.

Small Locked Up Necklace, $95,


Brujita Skincare White Magic

You really can’t go wrong with a face mask of any kind, this one has medicinal properties and earth energy. It’s great for grounding and we all know air signs need to come back down to earth every now and then.

The site relaunches on Friday, December 13.


Hija De Tu Madre Echale Ganas Notebook

If the Gemini in your life needs a little help making heads or tails of their affairs, this cute leather journal is sure to help them get it together. Hija De Tu Madre also has cute inspirational pens and other office supplies that you can use to complete the set.

Échale Ganas Leather Notebook, $27,


Grand Union by Zadie Smith

This is just a good book that will appeal to their intellectual side. Zadie Smith weaves in plenty of philosophy and themes of identity into her stories. It will make a good read for when your Gemini wants to spend some time alone.

Grand Union by Zadie Smith, $25,


Vida Vasquez Earrings

If your Gemini friend loves crafty hand made things, this variety of earrings is sure to delight. You can just pick your favorite because they’re all super cute!

Collage #1 Earrings, $40,


Gilded Nopal Concha Heart Pin

If your homegirl has a jean jacket then this is a great gluten-free gift. A super cute pin that will be right at home by the other pins on her jacket or on her tote.

Gilded Nopal Concha Heart Pin, $10,


Very That Cactus AirPods Case

Sometimes a Gemini want’s to be social and sometimes they want to zone out into their music, a good book, or both. Don’t let your friend get caught without their airpods with this super cute case!

Very That Cactus AirPods Case, $10,


Barbarawarbara Purple Logo T Shirt

Your Gemini friend loves Selena — because you probably wouldn’t be friends with her if she didn’t. This is a totally cute original design that is way better than anything Forever 21 put out. I said what I said. Support Selena fan merch and makers!

Barbarawarbara Purple Logo T-Shirt, $25,  


Melt Cosmetics Vida & Muerte Palettes

If we’re talking about duality this entire makeup collection is IT! Amor Eterno is pigmented, bright, dark, and sparkley in all the right ways. Everything in this collection is stunning and will for sure encompass all of the Gemini-ness. Sign up for notifications because they’ll for sure drop another batch before the holidays.

Melt Cosmetics Muerte Palette, $58. 

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