How To Get Over A Breakup In 7 Healthy Steps

How to get over breakup HipLatina


Truth is, no one teaches you how to get over heartbreak growing up. When your heart breaks, it’s easy to be irrational and in the moments you’re drowning in darkness, it’s hard to look beyond the pain. We can’t make sense of the loss we are suffering, but the best way to handle pain is to face it head on. In the process of coping, we create a space for understanding and ultimately healing. Unfortunately, many of us have been raised to survive, not necessarily thrive, and we just get back to the grind instead of taking the time to care for ourselves and heal. We’ve been taught that it’s a dog-eat-dog world and that “life isn’t fair.” While accepting life’s ups and downs is a crucial part of thriving, when painful events happen, it’s important to develop healthy coping mechanisms for overcoming anything thrown your way.

So to help a sister out, here are seven ways to get over heartbreak in a healthy way.




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