Gift Guide: 16 Fun, Meaningful & Useful Gifts for Latina Moms

Chances are, if there’s a mami in your life, you’re tasked with picking out the perfect gift for her multiple times a year

Gift guide latina moms

Photo: Sunday Energy/Viva La Bonita

Chances are, if there’s a mami in your life, you’re tasked with picking out the perfect gift for her multiple times a year. Whether she’s your own mamá, your bestie, your sister or your prima, with all that gift giving, options might feel a little stagnant at times. One of the things we love about shopping for Latina moms though, is that it gives us a chance to support Latinx-owned businesses and creators, to find meaningful gifts that speak to their priorities, identities and personal style. There are so many incredible Latinx companies and products out there offering something a bit more unique than what you’ll find at your local big box store or mall. So this holiday season, we want you to check out some of our very favorite Latinx products for the mom in your life.


Cast Iron Sugar Skull Skillet from Lodge

lodge skillet

We’ve been obsessed with this Lodge cast iron skillet designed by Mexican artist, Lourdes Villagómez because of the stunning details. Whether we like it or not, just about every mamá out there spends a significant amount of time prepping food for her family, so she might as well do it with the best equipment out there. Cast iron cookware lasts forever, promotes even heating and is perfect for cooking meats.

Lodge Cast Iron Sugar Skull Skillet, $22, available at


The Storyteller’s Death by Ann Dávila Cardinal

storytellers book
Sourcebooks Landmark

For some moms, there is absolutely nothing like curling up with a good book once the kids are in bed. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to actually figure out which book we want to read next, and will end up scrolling endlessly on our phones until we doze off. Give your book-loving mom friend a head start author Ann Dávila Cardinal’s The Storyteller’s Death. It’s a mystery about a woman who grew up splitting her time between her native New Jersey and her grandmother’s home in Puerto Rico. Upon her grandmother’s death, she learns that she’s inherited quite an unexpected gift.

The Storyteller’s Death, $17, available from Cafe Con Libroswp_*posts

Badass Mom Wine X Pamela Wasabi: Rose Gift Box

badass x pamela wasabi

How can you even go wrong with wine and chocolate? This indulgent gift set comes with a bottle of non-alcoholic wine and a selection of pastries from Latinx-owned, Miami-based, vegan bakery, Pamela Wasabi. Treats include three brownies, “Lavender Heaven” and “Celestial Chunk” cookies. The wine is a light and fruity beverage that’ll help moms feel festive even if they’re abstaining from alcohol.

Badass Mom Wine X Pamela Wasabi: Rose Gift Box, $49, available from wp_*posts

Oh, Comadre Big Surprise Wax Melt

wax melt

Listen, the way Latina moms clean on Saturday morning, you know our homes also absolutely have to smell good at all times. Oh Comadre Candles takes that very seriously, and not only do they offer Latinx-inspired scented candles, but wax melts as well. The Big Surprise Melt is a super-fun idea, that will add a bit of mystery to your gift-giving endeavor. It’s a jumbo-sized wax melt that’ll last forever, but you won’t know exactly which scent you’ll get until it arrives. Will it be churro or floridita scented? It’s anyone’s guess and that’s part of the fun and it’ll be a fun, nostalgic scene regardless.

Oh Comadre Big Surprise Melt, $13, ohcomadrecandles.comwp_*posts

Chicano Bakes by Esteban Castillo

chicano bakes

Just in time for some holiday baking, Esteban Castillo’s cookbook, Chicano Bakes has hit shelves and online book retailers. If you know a mom who loves whipping up sweet treats or wants to learn, this is the perfect gift. It features recipes for everything from pan dulce and conchas to chocoflan and rompope. With more than 100 full-color photos, this cookbook is also a lovely tribute to Mexican culture and cuisine.

Chicano Bakes, $32, available from harpercollins.comwp_*posts

Bonita Fierce White Pine Candle

bonita fierce candle

We are obsessed with Bonita Fierce Candles for their incredible Latinx-inspired candle scents which include coquito and cafe con leche. This white pine candle is a classic holiday scent and the green, red and white packaging makes it look ultra-festive. Like all Bonita Fierce candles, it’s made from non-toxic coconut soy wax that burns super-clean, so it’s perfect for any mom who prioritizes environmental health in her home.

Bonita Fierce White Pine Candle, $30, available from bonitafiercecandles.comwp_*posts

Ceremonia Home Spa Set


Self-care is absolutely one of the hardest things for moms to prioritize. For most of us, spa days are a rare occurrence. To be honest, sometimes we can’t even manage to keep up with a daily skin or haircare routine at home. But, it’s a lot easier to make happen when someone else picks out and pays for the products. We would be overjoyed if someone gifted us this beautiful home spa set from Ceremonia. It includes a scalp scrub, a hair mask and a frizz-free microfiber towel, and all of the products are vegan and silicone- and sulfate-free.

Ceremonia Home Spa Set, $75, available from ceremonia.comwp_*posts

Progeny Coffee

progeny coffee

Do we even need to say more? So many Latina moms live for that afternoon cafecito. How else would we get through the after school hustle? Make that taza de cafe extra special by gifting some Progeny Coffee to your favorite mami. Progeny is Latinx-owned and works directly with individual coffee farmers in Colombia to provide high-quality coffee while ensuring that the farmers get paid a fair price. Additionally, the company provides education opportunities, equipment funding and additional resources to the farmers.

Progeny Coffee, from $18, available from progenycoffee.comwp_*posts

She’s Protected Earrings from Sunday Energy

Sunday Energy evil eye earrings
Photo: Sunday Energy

How cute are these earrings? Mal de ojo jewelry is a way to keep us feeling protected and what mom doesn’t appreciate a little extra protection from bad energy? These 18k gold-plated earrings can be worn casually with a pair of jeans and an oversized sweatshirt or even dressed up with a cocktail dress. We love the emerald gem detail and how they’re dainty and timeless.

Sunday Energy She’s Protected Earrings, $35, available from sundayenergy.cowp_*posts

Poderosa Pen Set from Hija de tu Madre

poderosa pens

To-do lists save us moms on a daily basis, but somehow we always find ourselves searching for working pens.  But, we’d be sure to hold onto these encouraging and empowering pens from Hija de Tu Madre. Each pen in the set of four is a different color and features a word that reminds us that we are capable of getting through any and everything that life throws at us. Trust us…every mom needs that reminder.

Hija de Tu Madre Poderosa Pen Set, $30, available at hijadetumadre.comwp_*posts

Leather Airpod Case from Cuyana

airpod case

Practicality and function are so important to moms. Many of us thrive when everything has a place and the things we spend our precious pennies on are protected from grubby little fingers. This beautiful leather airpods case from Cuyana is made from sustainably sourced materials, it’s sturdy, and it comes in several colors. You can also attach it to the strap of any purse, which makes it easy to always have your airpods on hand — perfect for working moms.

Cuyana Leather Airpod Case, $48, available from cuyana.comwp_*posts

Take Care, Mama Mug from Viva La Bonita


As we mentioned mamas love cafecito so of course we have to include a fun mug. We’re loving this glass mug from Viva La Bonita  emblazoned with the words, “Take Care, Mama.” It serves as a good reminder that we have to fill ourselves up, before we can pour into others — including our children. Plus, it’s pretty, and of course can be used for cold beverages as well.

Viva La Bonita Take Care Mug, $25, available from vivalabonita.comwp_*posts

Little Words Project Bracelet

little words bracelet

These friendship bracelets from Latina owned Little Words Project are the absolute cutest. They are actually meant to be shared and feature inspiring and encouraging messages like, “You Got This,” “Be Kind” and “You Are Magic.” You can actually register the bracelet to the Little Words Project community and track it as it’s passed along, making it a truly meaningful gift that moms can exchange with fellow moms or pass down to family members.

Little Words Project Bracelet, $25, available at Targetwp_*posts

Seis Cosmetics Infused Lip Gloss Set

lip gloss set

It can sometimes be quite difficult to feel “put together,” on a daily basis as a mom. But a swipe of the right lipgloss and a bit of eyeliner or mascara can make a huge difference. These neutral lip gloss shades from Seis Cosmetics work for so many skin tones, occasions and even seasons, and we’re sure they’ll become a go-to for any mom you gift them to. They are also infused with hemp seed oil and are vegan, organic and cruelty-free.

Seis Cosmetics Infused Lip Gloss Set, $100, available from seiscosmetics.comwp_*posts

Herbas Limited Edition CBD Bundle


Speaking of hemp, CBD products are becoming a staple for many moms. Whether to help with aches and pains or sleep troubles, some say a CBD regimen can be life-changing. This set from Latinx-owned company, Herbas, is a good place to start or the perfect gift for any mom who is already a fan of CBD’s various benefits. It includes an organic CBD tincture, a full-spectrum salt scrub and a full-spectrum salve meant to moisturize and soothe skin.

Herbas Limited Edition CBD Bundle, $120, available from

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