Holiday Gift Guide for Mamis from Latina-Owned Brands

Mamas, nobody gets us like we get each other, so this holiday season, we’re all about making sure our mom friends know that we see them and we love them

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Mamas, nobody gets us like we get each other, so this holiday season, we’re all about making sure our mom friends know that we see them and we love them. We work super-hard to make the holidays extra-special for our families, and while we don’t expect anything other than happiness and a good time for all in return, we do want all of our Latina mom friends to feel treasured and special during the holidays but really, all the time.

We’ve curated a fun gift guide full of great gifts ideas for the moms in your life. Whether you’re a mom looking for a gift for another mom or your own mom, or even if you’re not a mom and you want to treat your favorite Latina mom to something special, we’ve got you covered. Check out our holiday gift suggestions for Latinx moms from Hispanic- and Latinx-owned companies including Vela Negra and Lights Lacquer here:wp_*posts

Una Día a la Vez Daily Notepad – Lovely Amanecer

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Planning and organizing is essential to the efficiency, productivity and sanity of most moms, so a good planner, whether daily, monthly or yearly, is always needed. Not being too Type A ourselves, we like to use a daily planner like this “Un Dia a La Vez” notepad from creator, Lovelyamanecer on Etsy. It features 50 pages, each printed with spots for a daily schedule, a to-do list for the day, extra notes, a water tracker and even a spot to jot something your grateful for down.

“Un Dia a La Vez” notepad, $19, available at Etsy.comwp_*posts

Loisa Trio Combo Pack

loisa combo pack hiplatina

Cooking supplies may not be the most exciting or unexpected gift for a mom, but…hear us out. Most of us are responsible for feeding our families multiple meals a day so high-quality products to make a quick meal is a lifesaver for a mom on a busy weeknight. Loisa seasonings taste incredible and are made with organic ingredients moms won’t feel guilty about feeding their families.  And of course, if the mom you’re gifting happens to be a foodie, she’ll love it even more. We recommend this combo pack, which features enough adobo, sazón an sofrito to last quite a while.

Loisa Trio Combo Pack, $29, available at Loisa.comwp_*posts

Touchland Hand Sanitizer Bundle

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Even moms who didn’t used to carry hand sanitizer around everywhere before, do now. These days, we use the stuff so much, we’re sometimes left with super-dry, scratchy skin (and our kids too), and totally repelled by certain sanitizer scents thanks to over-exposure. The hand sanitizers from Touchland solve both issues. They are made with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that smell amazing, and they kill 99.9 percent of germs. Plus, the company allows customers to create custom bundles of up to five scents, including Velvet Peach and Blue Sandalwood.

Touchland hand sanitizer bundle, from $18, available at touchland.comwp_*posts

Bubbly Moon Naturals Vegan Gift Box

bubbly moon naturals gift box hiplatina

As difficult as it can be to get to, self-care is absolutely crucial for every mom. Whether it’s something as simple as applying a rich hand cream before bed at night or as elaborate as an aromatherapy yoga session, every little bit can make a big difference toward quality of life and emotional wellness. This vegan self-care gift box from Bubbly Moon Naturals is a great start. It includes hand and body cream, hand sanitizer, deodorant, yoga mat spray, room spray and natural soap, and it’s available in several different scents or fragrance-free. All products are handmade, based on traditional methods from Puerto Rico.

Bubbly Moon Naturals Vegan Gift Box, $150, available at bubblymoonnaturals.comwp_*posts

XIO Triple Goddess Necklace

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At first glance, this just looks like really pretty and versatile necklace, but the Triple Goddess Necklace from Xio has really powerful meaning. XIO founder and mom,Ylette, used beads in the three different metallic tones to represent and honor the various phases of a woman’s life: “maiden,” “mother” and “crone.” The necklace is available in two different lengths and is 18 karat gold filled.

Triple Goddess Necklace, $30, available at xiobyylette.comwp_*posts

Madre Mágica T-Shirt – VIDA + Wild

VIDA + Wild makes the cutest, trendiest empowering t-shirts and gear for moms. We’re absolutely obsessed with this “Madre Mágica” t-shirt. It comes in several different colors including this tie-dye version, a gorgeous mustard yellow and classic black, as well as in various fits, including a cropped version. It says so much while still being simple and versatile enough to wear anywhere from school pick-up to happy hour with your girls.

“Madre Mágica” T-Shirt, from $32, available at vidaandwild.comwp_*posts

La Monarca Mexican Coffee & Hot Chocolate Gift Box

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As moms we literally all need a stash of café for our morning cafecito so we think this Mexican coffee and hot chocolate gift box from La Monarca Bakery makes for a perfect holiday gift. It includes two varieties each of coffee and hot chocolate, as well as a handmade molinillo for stirring. Each product is organic, fair-trade and/or Rainforest Alliance certified, so that cafécito  not only benefits you but the environment.

Mexican Coffee and Hot Chocolate gift box, $65, available at lamonarcabakery.comwp_*posts

Lights Lacquer Holiday Special Bundle

lights lacquer holiday hiplatina

This festive holiday-inspired collection of nail polishes from Lights Lacquer is sure to bring a bit of joy and pizzazz to any moms holiday season. We may not always have the time to paint our nails, but we do it as often as we can, and when we have a variety of high-quality polishes in incredible shades to choose from right at home, it makes having a festive mani that much easier.

Lacquer Holiday Special Bundle, $52, available at lightslacquer.comwp_*posts

Vela Negra Candle Sampler

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Afro-Latina Aisha Cort, has created the most amazing Latinx- and Caribbean-inspired line of candles, and is now offering samplers that would make the perfect holiday gift for the special, scent-loving mom in your life. Each themed sampler includes two candles, which are made with vegan, coconut soy wax, and features incredible scents like “morena” which has the aromas of cocoa, vanilla and almond, and “rico,” which smells of peach, rhubarb and jasmine, as well as a beautiful wick cutter.

Vela Negra Candle Sampler, from $30, available at thevelanegra.comwp_*posts

Arroz con Pollo and Apple Pie by Maritere Rodriguez Bellas

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You know what we don’t have a lot of as Latinas raising kids in the U.S.? Parenting books written specifically for us, let alone by one of us. Arroz con Pollo and Apple Pie: Raising Bicultural Children by Maritere Rodriguez Bellas, is a must-read not just for Latina moms who want to find ways to honor and maintain their culture while raising bicultural and multicultural children, but also for those of us who truly need to feel seen and validated in our experiences.

Arroz con Pollo and Apple Pie: Raising Bicultural Children by Maritere Rodriguez Bellas, $15, Amazon.comwp_*posts

Vida Bars Shampoo & Conditioner Set

vida bars hiplatina

Listen…being a mom, life gets really hectic, really fast. So anything that can streamline and simplify is greatly appreciated. Shampoo and conditioner bars from Vida Bars do just that. They are highly nourishing hair products that are easy-to-use, a lot less messy than traditional shampoo and conditioner and made from sustainable, natural ingredients like cupuacu butter, carrot root extract and argan oil. And get this…each bar is the equivalent of two to three bottles of traditional shampoo and conditioner, so they last forever, which is perfect for busy moms who want the good stuff without having to think about it too much.

Vida Bars Shampoo and Conditioner Sets, $25,


Sobremesa by Josephine Caminos Oría

Photo: Scribe Publishing

Argentine American cook/writer wrote Sobremesa to tell the story of a married mom in her 40s who decided to launch a business in the hopes of reminding women it’s never too late. The book, which also features Argentine recipes, tells her story with elements of magical realism and how food and dining sobremesa has played a role in major events throughout her life. “I realize now, as a mom that I would be failing my children if the only thing I taught them is to play it safe for others. My hope is to teach by example and inspire my children and other women who are questioning the path they find themselves on to go against the grain and fight for a life worth living,” she previously told us.

Sobremesa by Josephine Caminos Oría, $18.99,

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