The 10 Best Places To Go With Your Girlfriends This Year

I love traveling with my partner (like our most recent trip to New Orleans) but sometimes you just need a good old fashioned girlfriend getaway

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I love traveling with my partner (like our most recent trip to New Orleans) but sometimes you just need a good old fashioned girlfriend getaway. There’s just something about taking off with your besties that’s very different than going away with your love. You can relax, have a couple of extra drinks and, if you’re single, maybe even flirt with the cute guy by the beach. But where oh where, should you all go this year?

To figure out the best places to travel with your female friends, HipLatina spoke with Haley Woods, the founder of one of the fastest growing groups on Facebook, Girls LOVE Travel. In fact, Jennifer Dulski, the Head of Community and Groups at Facebook, told us that the group has more than half a million women who help each other “reach their travel dreams by doing everything from sharing recommendations to providing a place to stay when flights get cancelled.” It’s a tight-knit community that’s full of helpful advice and awesome ladies who love to travel too. In our conversation, Woods told us all about the top 10 places that make a perfect destination for girlfriends who love to travel together. What are you waiting for? Time to book your tickets!

1. Antarctica

“This bucket list destination might feel out of reach,” Woods said, but it is well worth trying to travel there. She also recommends that many girlfriends start in Ushuaia, Argentina and then head to Antarctica.wp_*posts

2. Cuba

“Explore now!” she urges. “There has been a lot of confusion in the US if Americans can still travel there.  You can.”wp_*posts

3. Japan

She recommends: “Keep an eye out in 2018 and 2019 for travel incentives to explore Japan before they hold the Tokyo Olympics!”wp_*posts

4. Portugal

“Specifically, visit the Azores,” she recommends.  “Stunningly beautiful… Try and go before too many people find out about this gem of a destination!”wp_*posts

5. Iceland

“Continued discount flights and the beauty of this country will for sure keep this on the go-to travel wishlist for a while,” she said. “Make sure to check out the snorkeling and scuba diving between the two continents.”wp_*posts

6. Peru

Woods told us: “Girlfriends wanting an adventurous getaway can climb Machu Picchu. It continues to be one of the most talked about hiking destinations in Girls LOVE Travel.”wp_*posts

7. Indonesia

You’ll want to visit Komodo Island, she said:

Relaxing getaways, yoga retreats, and great location for digital nomads bring a lot of people to Bali. However, not so many take the time to skip over to Komodo Island. The Komodo National Park houses over 3,000 komodo dragons, has places for hiking, scuba diving and even a pink beach!


8. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico needs your tourism dollars! Woods said:

Everyone knows this was hit very hard by the hurricanes of 2017. The best thing for them to help rebuild is to have tourist dollars go back into their communities. Be sure to do research before you go about where exactly you are looking to stay but since Americans do not even need a passport to fly down for a beach getaway, it will be a great option to consider.


9. Morocco

“The combination of the Sea and the Sahara, makes this a destination for a girlfriends getaways seeking either adventure, relaxation or both,” she told us.wp_*posts

10. England 

“Keep an eye out ASAP before prices rise, but with the Royal Wedding happening on May 4th, 2018, many girls are planning a getaway trip to try and catch a glimpse!” she said.

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