Gloria Trevi Unmasks Tourmate And Former Foe Alejandra Guzman

Former foes Gloria Trevi and Alejandra Guzman shocked fans when they announced in December they’d be collaborating on a tour and an album called “Versus

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/DanielMedinaMx

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/DanielMedinaMx

Former foes Gloria Trevi and Alejandra Guzman shocked fans when they announced in December they’d be collaborating on a tour and an album called “Versus.” It’s been many successful months since the tour kicked-off with multiple venues having to turn concert-goers away when tickets were sold out due to high demand in multiple U.S. cities.

Thanks to their dual studio album, both Trevi and Guzman have songs that they can duet on while on stage, as well as sing many of each other’s hits both solo and together. It’s specifically when these iconic stars of pop and rock do the latter, that really makes crowds go wild.

“The energy and the emotion emanating from the audience at any one of our shows is just magical,” Trevi told HipLatina. “It truly has been an incredible experience to witness. People leave every one of our shows completely drunk – but not from alcohol, from music. The experience of being able to sing songs made popular by both Alejandra and myself at the same venue, it leaves fans extremely elated. I’m so very happy and proud at the result of our collaboration. With so much sadness going on in the world, I love soaking up all the joy of seeing fans united and singing songs from our combined repertoires.”

No one was more surprised than Trevi at many of the touching qualities possessed by Guzman. It’s easy to see why two of the biggest and most respected stars would join together on stage – the financial benefits can’t be denied. But Trevi has been able to witness a side of La Guzman that her tough exterior hides publicly.

“Alejandra is a woman full of surprises,” she said. “You will never be bored in her company. But what stood out about her the most to me is that she’s genuinely a good woman. She has a heart made of gold that’s full of sensibility. Not just that, but she is so badass! Don’t tell her I said all these things about her because she’s going to get upset at me. She loves having this rough and tough exterior and that’s how people have come to know her and love her. But there is a vulnerable woman under that tough outer shell. She’s a beautiful human being full of good intentions.”

But don’t mistake all these kind words as an ending to their feud – on the charts at least. Trevi warns that once their highly successful tour has wrapped, it’s back to business as usual. The Supreme Diva of Pop promises she will continue to innovate and evolve musically for her fans and to keep Guzman on her toes.

“I am a very big fan of all music and I feel that all music has to constantly evolve,” Trevi explained. “I love how the industry has evolved and now as artists we are able to get our music out there much quicker. Before we were limited to releasing a new album once every three years. This internet age has been very good for the industry. I have so much music I want to release and I no longer have to wait. So fans can surely expect many more surprises from me as soon as this tour wraps up. That’s why you can’t miss this tour. It will only last a few months and then each one of us moves on to our next project independently. So don’t miss it!”

Tickets are still available to tour dates in the United States in Mexico. The tour heads to many U.S. cities including Albuquerque, Las Vegas and Miami before heading off to South America, Puerto Rico and Mexico this fall.

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