The Golden Globes Had Three MVPs on the Red Carpet. Here’s Why.

While the Golden Globes were groundbreaking in many ways, it was also another typical award show

Photo: Unsplash/@vinetlouispictures

Photo: Unsplash/@vinetlouispictures

While the Golden Globes were groundbreaking in many ways, it was also another typical award show. However, that wasn’t the case on the red-carpet. Many actresses brought awareness to a variety of women’s rights causes by brining activists as their plus one. The glamours evening was all about women and saying “enough is enough,” and some actresses took it a step further by calling out those that needed to be called out.

The E! Network pretty much dominates red-carpet coverage on award night, so a couple of MVPs called them out for a very public equal pay dispute between the channel and their former co-host Catt Saddler. Last month the TV host left E! because they paid her less than half of what they pay her male counterpart Jason Kennedy.

Hours before the award show, comedian and actress Amy Schumer posted this message about Catt.

She urged people on the red-carpet to ask about Catt on E!. “We thought you would be for pay equality and say #imwithcattsad.” Perhaps that powerful Instagram post is why the following women stepped up and did just that.

The first person to do that on the red-carpet was actress Debra Messing.

“I was so shocked to hear that E! doesn’t believe in paying their female co-hosts the same as their male co-hosts. I miss Catt Sadler, and we stand with her,” Messing said to E! host Giuliana Rancic. “And that’s something that can change tomorrow. We want people to start having this conversation that women are just as valuable as men.”

The next MVP on the red-carpet to call out E! was Sarah Jessica Parker.

SPJ literally grabbed Ryan Seacrest by the shoulders saying: “I know it’s effected your network,” when speaking about pay parity.

Other actresses also showed support for Catt, including Laura Dern, saying: “We need the powers that be, and all the industries and all the networks, including E!, to help us with closing his pay gender gap.” Dern’s plus one happened to be women’s rights activist Mónica Ramírez.

Mrs. Eva Longoria Bastón took the message about equal pay even further.

“We support gender equity and equal pay and we hope E! follows that lead with Catt as well. We stand with you Catt,” she said alongside Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman.

That’s what sisterhood is all about!


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