Good Day LA’s Hippest New Host is “The Rita Meeta”

Good Day LA on FOX 11 has a new host capturing the hearts of many fans across the sunny state as they welcome this Latina powerhouse into their homes each morning

Rita Garcia Hiplatina

Photo Credit: KTTV FOX 11/Rita Garcia

Good Day LA on FOX 11 has a new host capturing the hearts of many fans across the sunny state as they welcome this Latina powerhouse into their homes each morning. Rita Garcia, a Texas native, has hit the ground running since becoming one of the hippest new Good Day LA Hosts and Anchor. This Latina beauty is the whole package. With a flair for storytelling, Garcia has a way of delving into the topics she shares as she welcomes you with her wit and endearing personality.

Six months ago Garcia was back in Houston, Texas as an anchor for the KRIV FOX 26 morning show. Fresh off coverage of a whirlwind year for the city, Garcia was front and center covering all the highs and lows of the year such as the damaging effects Hurricane Harvey caused to the phenomenal World Series win by the Houston Astros. Fast forward to today, and it’s no wonder LA came knocking for this journalistic gem of a reporter. Keeping the community connected and updated is key, and this Latina has crafted an impressive journey along with her path to success. 

Growing up in South Texas, Garcia’s passion for media began in high school as part of a radio/television program. “I did my first radio spot, and TV commercial when I was 15,” Garcia tells HipLatina. “That’s when I realized this is what I wanted to do, and really developed the passion.” Hard to believe this charismatic and social media queen, with an impressive following across all her platforms, admitted she was very shy, and never thought she would step in front of a camera. The opportunity created by this program opened the doors that led her to know this is what she was going to study. Garcia went on to study at Texas State College in San Marcos, Texas and began her path with an internship on National Public Radio but Television is where her Corazon and passion lay. 

Rita Garcia Hiplatina
Photo Credit: KTTV FOX 11/Rita Garcia

If there are any secrets to remember along the journey into the world of media, Garcia definitely nailed them with a powerful statement to remember, “Internships, internships, internships.”

“Professionally, the way I feel I broke into the business was INTERNSHIPS!” she says. Garcia worked various internships in college on her own time, without pay, going into the newsrooms, and really delving into each department to find out news is where she wanted to be. “It was through those relationships, and those internships that I was able to get my foot in the door, and people I was meeting knew I was dedicated and wanted to do this,” she adds.

Having a strong foundation of supporters is equally important along the way, and Garcia shared it was a culmination of various individuals that were a source of inspiration for her like her high school teachers, and organization’s such as the National Association of Hispanic Journalist, of which she is a part of today, that really helped her.

“I think people in those organizations that know what the business is all about, they are the ones that also helped me along the way,” she said. Maria Shriver was someone Garcia felt a connection with as well. “I was given her book after college graduation and I really felt like I knew her, and connected with her, and looked up to her.” Garcia went on to share Shriver has visited the set of Good Day LA and was able to share with her how she was a big part of her career and inspiration. She also mentioned they share a passion for the Alzheimer’s Association of which Garcia is an advocate for, and hoping to get more involved with in LA. 

As a host of Good Day LA, it does come with its perks such as meeting and interviewing various celebrities. I asked Garcia to name some of her favorite celebrity interviews so far, and who can argue with her choices. Wouldn’t we all love to dance on set with Ricky Martin! Well, this chica had him down as one of her favorite moments there. How about the “Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio?

“Those movies and he was just part of my childhood,” she says. Rounding out the list was Candace Cameron Bure, “America’s big sister DJ,” as Garcia endearingly referred to her. Follow her on her Instagram and you will see a resume of impressive celebrity interviews. Makes for starting your day at 3:45 am to do research, and catching up on local headlines to report not such a bad gig? 

With a jam-packed day that starts bright and early, Rita has also added a unique staple to Good Day LA called, “The Rita Meeta.” You can catch her social media reports on “What’s HOT, on Fire & #NOWTrending! Everyday @ 8:30AM.” Keeping in touch with her fans on a regular basis through her media outlets is an admirable quality as she lets you into her world of not only reporting the latest trends but the hardcore and tough issue that arises in the news as she is front and center finding all the details to keep you up-to-date. 

Rita Garcia Hiplatina
Photo Credit: KTTV FOX 11/Rita Garcia

The transition to Good Day LA was “just the perfect storm with the perfect timing,” shared Garcia. “Houston had just hosted the Super Bowl on FOX, we had just had Hurricane Harvey, and then I covered all of games 1-7 of the World Series, and was traveling back in forth from LA to Houston,” she says. A rapid coverage of one event after another that set things into motion to get that call that would change it all.

“It was like everything kinda overlapped. It was very wonderful, and an opportunity that just really opened up for me,” Garcia says. Although, leaving Houston was difficult, this open door has provided this Latina the perfect step to keep climbing that ladder of success. It’s that kind of determination and perseverance that has garnered this talented young journalist a one-of-kind dream job proving that with hard work, and resilience anything is possible. “Don’t let the fire go out just because you have one bad day,” she adds. Great advice to remember from this groundbreaking trendsetter.

Rita Garcia Hiplatina
Photo Credit: KTTV FOX 11/Rita Garcia

Coming full circle, Garcia’s return to LA was a homecoming of sorts having worked there previously as a freelance reporter in her early years of reporting, covering everything from entertainment to crime, to news of the day. When she’s not on set, you might find Garcia on the beautiful beaches of LA, exploring the city, cooking up a delicious sopa de fideo from her #CasaGarcia that she shares online, or walking her beloved dog Rocky who also happens to be a former LA resident. Garcia shared Rocky is a rescue dog she adopted when she first lived there. When asked what she would like to be remembered for, Garcia shared “being a good storyteller.” She uncover the layers of a story and brings you into the moments of her interviews with such a charismatic and welcoming personality that opens the door into her world. A role model for anyone with big dreams and determination to make them come true, like this Latina trailblazer. 

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