10 Gorgeous Graduation Caps That Make Us Beyond Proud To Be Latinx

For many students, the school year is almost over and for some, graduation is on its way and a lot of Latinxs grads don’t take this milestone lightly

Photo: Instagram/muxerista

Photo: Instagram/muxerista

For many students, the school year is almost over and for some, graduation is on its way and a lot of Latinxs grads don’t take this milestone lightly. In fact, back in 2016 Latina Rebels founder Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez started the hashtag #LatinxGradCaps. A follower on social media had sent her an image of her graduation cap that was decorated in Latin pride and from there it went viral.

Considering the political climate that we’re currently living in and the racial tension that still very much exists in the states—especially towards the Latino community—Latinx grads are using their graduation caps as a way to not only express their cultural pride but also as a means to prove that with hard work, support, and determination we can in fact, get far.

It appears that the #LatinxGradCaps tradition is going to be going on for a while because it’s still very much alive this year with students having already posted this month. But what really stood out to me, are the number of caps that are specifically dedicated to these first generation Latinx’ parents. So many of them wrote kind messages on their caps thanking their hard-working immigrant folks for sacrificing so much, so that they could have the privilege of being able to receive a higher education. It’s the kind of thing that will make you feel proud, inspired—maybe even emotional. Thinking of decorating your own graduation cap this year? Check out the below for inspiration!

For my family. 

This graduation cap speaks to the reality of how so many students with Latino and immigrant parents express their gratitude to them. This beautiful creation created by a first generation Latina is not only sweet but really hits at the core of the immigrant experience and the importance of having family support. 


You gotta love this grad for giving a shout out to Selena.

The University of Arizona grad decorated her cap with flowers and the late Selena Quintanilla. She even included one of the Texan singer’s best quotes. I love it!


This Siempre Pa’lante cap is everything.

The Puerto Rican-Colombian American who describes herself as a #chingonascholar and is “on a journey to decolonizing [her] roots through academia, twirling, and sharing knowledge,” kept it simple but to the point. Because regardless of whatever obstacles come our way, Latinxs always continue pa’lante.


This graduation cap will bring on the tears.

“So this is happening tomorrow…. Gracias mami y papa,” @muxerista captioned this photo. “This and the move to SF wouldn’t be possible without the support of my dad and sister! This is for you!”


The message on this cap resonates with so many Latinx grads.


“Dear mom and dad, without the sacrifices, inspiration, drive and support you have given me… I wouldn’t be the woman I am today,” @daisssyyy captioned this pic. “For those of you who are not fluent in Spanish, my cap reads: “My parents left their dreams so I could follow mine.” I honor my parents in everything I do because without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” This really is the sweetest.


This story will touch your heart.

“This is for my father, who moved to this country as a teenager to look for hope,” wrote @malditas_drogas. “For my mother who learned to fend for herself. For my tias and tios and primas and primos. For our separated families. For our laughter and our tears. For our late nights and early mornings. This is for my father’s 13 hour days, 6, sometimes 7, days a week…. I’ve never been more proud to tell people I am a first-generation Mexican daughter of immigrants who learned the value of hard work, playful attitude, and soft demeanor from parents who wouldn’t be given the time of day in this country.”


I love everything about this graduation cap.


From the message to the photo @ashleyleyvaa added of her parents.


So many grads decorated their caps with Latin American flags.

It was one of the many ways they chose to express their Latinx pride and it made for gorgeous and inspiring caps.


How awesome is this resist cap?


“Existir es Resistir” translates to “Existing is Resisting” and @mayra.lunaysol used her graduation cap to get political. “This one is for all the racist people who said I couldn’t do it. @realdonaldtrump you and your crowd will never stop me. In the next year I will be studying for the LSAT & hopefully applying to Law school. My ultimate goal is to get a Phd. Dr Lozano under construction.” Yes girl!


This Lotería cards-inspired cap is the dopest thing I’ve ever seen.


“Made it home in time to graduate with my Masters in Arts Management. Felicidades to all the brown graduates this year! Keep fighting and pushing towards your goals coz the best way to predict your future is to create it,” @el.nopal captioned this gorgeous pic.

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