10 Gorgeous Houston Murals Created By Latinxs

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a picture is a worth a thousand words. Nowhere does this ring truer than the murals in Houston, Texas. Home to some of the most talented Latinxs artists doing their thing and showcasing some amazing displays of artwork. These murals are some of the best backdrops to take that selfie as you sit back and take in all the beauty and significance of the artist’s work. Each mural below stands out for its meaning to the community, its artistic beauty, and for being a reflection of its city.

Muertos Mural-Angel Quesada (aka ARTKUNGFU)

Located in the historic East End district of Houston is a mural with a purpose. The artist, Angel Quesada, who goes by ARTKUNGFU was commissioned by Morales Funeral Home to create a piece that signifies a fight against gentrification. A mural that depicts those that came before as the neighborhood is vastly changing with new businesses and homes. An impactful mural that serves as a reminder of the original barrio as others have begun embracing a rebranding of the community.

111. N. Enis St. Houston, TX.




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