These Grad Caps Show Off Major Latinx Pride

Photo: @gabbu27/@latinarebels/Instagram

I’m not going to lie. My eyes teared up a bit and my heart was warmed while researching the thousands of Latinx grad caps women and men created to celebrate their college graduation. It’s inspiring to see how many of these grads took a moment to thank their families for their sacrifice, love, and support. They also used it as an opportunity to show pride for their heritage, their identity, and their countries. Instead of celebrating individual wins, it is a win for communities everywhere, and for Latinxs as a whole.

With so much negativity in the world today, we need moments like these, where we can look at the amazing things Latinxs are accomplishing every day. More of us are attending and graduating from college, so let’s celebrate that together. Here are 30 of the most beautiful, heart-warming, and Latinx orgullo inducing grad caps from the class of 2019.




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