15 of the Greatest Latinx Love Songs of All Time

We love romance any time of year, but of course, it is at a fever pitch on Valentine’s Day. Every February 14, everyone is reminded to show their love for their significant other, in the form of sweet cards,  chocolate, perhaps a nice dinner, but most of all, appreciation and thanks. On this special day,

Photo: Unsplash/@lenscapewithme

Photo: Unsplash/@lenscapewithme

We love romance any time of year, but of course, it is at a fever pitch on Valentine’s Day. Every February 14, everyone is reminded to show their love for their significant other, in the form of sweet cards,  chocolate, perhaps a nice dinner, but most of all, appreciation and thanks.

On this special day, we want to put into words everything we feel for other halves. If you aren’t necessarily a poet, fear not. Some of the biggest Latinx artists have already done the work of encapsulating the beautiful emotion of love into word and song. Simply play some of these iconic jams and everything will be understood. Que viva el amor.

“Besame Mucho,” Various Artists

The classic, “Besame Mucho” was written by a 16-year-old Consuelo Velasquez. The mega-hit has been covered numerous times, by artists such as The Beatles, Andrea Bocelli, Pedro Vargas, Connie Francis, Placido Domingo, Luis Miguel, and Dean Martin.

“Kiss me, kiss me a lot,
As if tonight were the last time
Kiss me, kiss me a lot,
For I’m scared to lose you, to lose you afterwards

I want to feel you very close, see myself in your eyes, see you near me
Think that maybe tomorrow I’ll already be far, very far away from you”

“Sabor a Mi,” Various Artists

“Sabor a Mi” was written in 1959 by Mexicano Alvaro Carillo. Originally recorded by Trio Los Pancho, the iconic song has been covered by several artists, including Javier Solis, Luis Miguel, El Chicano, Kali Uchis, Eydie Gorme (who did a version with Trio Los Panchos), Perez Prado, and Jose Feliciano.

“We enjoyed this love so long
Our souls got so close
that I keep your taste
But you also have
Flavor of me”

“Es Por Ti, ” Juanes

Colombian singer Juanes knows how to show his love in songs. “Es Por Ti” is a 2002 single off of his hit album, Un Dia Normal, and gives credit to the one who has caused so much happiness in his life.

“And every time I get up
And I see that by my side you are
I feel renewed

And I feel annihilated
If you are not there
You control all my truth
And everything that is too much

Your eyes they take me slowly to the sun
And your mouth tells me about love and heart
Your skin has the color of a red sunset

And it’s for you …
That beats my heart
And it’s for you …
That my eyes shine today
And it’s because of you …
I’ve talked about love again
And it’s because of you …
Soothe my pain”

“Querida,” Juan Gabriel

Not all epic love songs are happy. “Querida,” is one of Juan Gabriel’s most famous song and is about losing love. First released in 1984, on the album Recuerdos, Vol. II, it was covered by Chayanne, Maldita Vencidad, and Los Olestar, before Juan Gabriel recorded a new version as a duet with Colombian singer Juanes in 2015.

Every moment of my life
I think of you more every day
Look at my loneliness, look at my loneliness
That I don’t feel good at all, oh come now

“A Puro Dolor,” Son by Four

When “A Puro Dolor” came out in 1999, we all felt that. The song, by Puerto Rican group Son by Four, blew up, with it’s beautiful and heart-wrenching lyrics about love and loss.

“Sorry if I’m calling you right now
But I needed to listen again
Even if it’s an instant
Your breathing (Your breathing)

“Te Amo,” Franco de Vita

“Te Amo” is a love song by Venezuelan singer-songwriter Franco de Vita, from his 1988 album, Al Norte del Sur. In it, he finds the courage, and the words, to declare this amor.

“We could not miss the moon
And we talked about everything a little
And everything caused us laughter
Like two fools

“Si Nos Dejan,” Various Artists


“Si Nos Dejan” is a legendary love song, penned by Mexican singer-songwriter Jose Alfredo Jimenez. It has been covered by many different artists, including Luis Miguel, Lola Beltran, and Pedro Fernandez.

“If they leave us

We will love each other a lifetime
If they leave us

We will live in a new world
I believe we can see
The new dawn
Of a new day
I think that you and I
We can still be happy

“Ay Amor,” Ana Gabriel

In 1987, Ana Gabriel released one of her classics “Ay Amor,” which she also wrote. The love song topped Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks chart for 14 weeks.

“Casual looks
That increase beats
And time becomes short
If I have you next to me
Next to me

“Darte un Beso,” Prince Royce

Dominicano Prince Royce released his bachata jam “Darte Un Beso” in 2013. The sweet song reached #1 in the U.S., as well as in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Mexico.

“I don’t know what to do so that you are well
If I turn off the sun to light your dawn
Falar in Portuguese
Learn to speak French
or lower the moon to your feet

I just want to kiss

And give you my mornings
Sing to calm your fears
I want you to not miss anything
I just want to kiss you
Fill you with my love the soul
Take you to know the sky
I want you to not you need nothing”

“Entra en Mi Vida,” Sin Bandera

Sin Bandera, made up of Mexican Leonel Garcia and Argentinian Noel Schajris dropped the love song “Entre en Mi Vida” in 2019. It captures the moment of being struck by love and never wanting it to leave.

“Good night.
Nice to meet you.
You were one more girl.
After five minutes you were already someone special
Without talking to me.
Without touching me.
Something inside went on.
In your eyes it was getting late and I forgot about the clock.

These days by your side they taught me that in truth
There is no certain time to start loving
I feel something so deep that it has no explanation
There is no reason or logic in my heart

Enter my life
I open the door I know
that there will be no deserted nights in your arms
Enter my life
I beg
you I began to miss you
But I started to need you later

Good evening
Nice to meet you
No one else exists
After this time together
I can’t go back
You talked to me.
You touched me and you became my illusion.
I want you to own my heart.”

“Tu,” Shakira

Shakira is another artist who loves to sing about love. The Colombian has several songs about the topic in her catalog, but one that many refer to when talking about great songs about amor in Spanish is 1998’s “Tu.”

“I give you my waist,

“Eres,” Cafe Tacuba

Another great Latinx love song you should know is Cafe Tacvba’s “Eres.” The 2003 love song won the Latin Grammy for Best Rock Song, and was nominated for Song of the Year and Best Short Form Music Video.

“Here I am by your side
And I wait here sitting until the end
You have not imagined what I have expected
for you

Well you are what I love in this world, that you are”

“El Triste,” Jose Jose

Jose Jose is known as one of the greatest Latinx performers of all time and is remembered in part for the sheer emotion shared in his songs. His iconic 1970 recording “El Triste” puts into words the sadness of a love lost, and how one holds on tight when it first ends. The song has been covered by singers including Marc Anthony, Kalimba, Cristian Castro, Julieta Venegas, and Il Volo.

“How sad everyone says that I am
That I am always talking about you
They don’t know what thinking of your love
In your love I have been able to help me live
I have been able to help myself to live

Today I want to taste my pain
I do not ask for compassion or mercy
The story of this love was written
For eternity”

“Amor Prohibido,” Selena

Written about her grandparents’ love story, Selena’s “Amor Prohibido” is one of her signature songs. The 1994 classic shuns society’s focus on money and instead puts it back on what really matters — true love.

“With A crazy longing
I want to see you today
I await that moment

In which I’ll hear your voice
And when finally
We are together, the two of us
Who cares what your mom and dad
Will say
Here, the only thing that matters is our love
I love you

‘Forbidden love’..they murmur
On the streets
Because we’re from different

“Forbidden love”…everyone
Tells us
Money doesn’t matter
To you nor to me
Nor to the heart”

“Historia de un Amor,” Various Artists

Another timeless love song that has been covered time and time again is “Historia de un Amor.” Written by Panamanian Carlos Ereta Almaran after the death of his brother’s wife, the classic has been interpreted by several artists, such as Perez Prado, Eartha Kitt, Pedro Infante, Julio Iglesias, Luis Miguel, and more (including in various languages).

“You are no longer by my side, heart;
In the soul I only have loneliness,
and if I can no longer see you,
why God made me love you
to make me suffer more.

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