5 Green Activities to Help Planet Earth HipLatina
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5 ‘Green’ Activities to Celebrate Planet Earth

To celebrate and contribute to the conservation of Planet Earth, I present you with 5 “hip” ideas that you can implement at home:

  • Create Art: Use dry leaves, tree branches and even rocks to integrate in paintings and drawings that you can later frame and hang in the common areas of your home. The best part of all this is that most materials are already available in your home garden.

  • Plant in Tires: Take advantage of old tires and place them strategically in your patio, fill them with soil and plant them with a variety of vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants, such as flowers. Consider its depth along with its size to identify the most appropriate plant.  In a simple tire, you can plant vegetables and aromatic herbs whose roots won’t require much depth. If you wish to plant farinaceous and plants that need more space, simply pile one tire onto the other to make it deeper. Paint them as you wish.


  • Green Wall: The use of plastic bottles to plant aromatics takes another dimension when the design is added. You can place them along a wall or you can connect the bottles along cables or strong ropes, which can create a curtain effect in your home. This green design offers you privacy, contributes to a fresh environment and produces foods.
  • Paper Figures: The Japanese-origin technique, origami, has become very popular in the field of crafts. It consists of the creation of paper figures without having to use scissors or glue. You can take advantage of your magazine pages or other papers to make your sculptures and integrate them into other green activities. For example, you can create geometric figures, birds and flowers to decorate and identify areas in your orchard or garden. You can frost them for shine and even add to them “crazy eyes” to personalize your creations.
  • Vegetable Paint: Experiment with natural inks whose main ingredients might already be growing in your own orchard. For example, utilize turmeric, whose rhizomes, upon processing can be used to give your foods color. If you forget to protect your hands, you will see how you will stain yourself with yellow or orange ink. The same thing happens with beets. Due to its intense red coloring, it can be used as a natural substitute in baking. Only with these vegetables will you be able to create vases to paint over other canvas, including t-shirts. Yet another way to dress naturally!