Photo: Unsplash/Stephanie McCabe

17 Latin Grilling Recipes for a Super Delicious Summer

Grilling is pretty much our go-to way to eat in the summer, and there’s nothing better than grilling up some of our fave Latin foods during this time of year. When the weather gets warm, you’ll want to head outside and fire up the grill — which is where these 17 amazing Latin recipes come in.

From turkey avocado burgers for celebrating National Burger Day to Colombian hot dogs and grilled jicama with chimichurri salsa, these Latin grilling recipes are sure to delight. Even if you’re not the best at cooking, grilling couldn’t be simpler with some of these easy recipes. Like, have you heard of grilled guacamole? Well, now you have! Your summer just got a whole lot more delicious. Just don’t forget to serve these up with some sangria and you’ll be the #1 hostess in no time.

1. Salsa Verde Burgers



These delicious burgers will have pretty much everyone going for seconds, so make sure you make extras!

2. Grilled Mexican Street Corn



It’s not a BBQ without Mexican street corn, amirite? This recipe’s easy-peasy to boot.

3. Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken



For all the chicken lovers out there, this recipe for the grill is pretty much flawless.

4. Grill Guacamole



Um… grilled guacamole?! SAY WHAT?! This one will surely surprise and delight pretty much anyone.

5. Grilled Watermelon with Smoked Salt and Jalapeño Rings



Jalapeños give a super special kick to this grilled watermelon recipe.

6. Tacos with Grilled Poblano & Corn Salad



Vegetarian tacos for the veggie-lovers out there are going to be a winner for sure.

7. Grilled Asparagus with Lemon & Manchego Cheese



Spanish Manchego cheese gives an extra special something to this simple grilled asparagus.

8. Avocado Turkey Burgers



Another burger recipe that will have people lining up for more… Trust me on this one.

9. Colombian Hot Dogs



It wouldn’t be grilling season without a proper hot dog recipe, and these Colombian hot dogs are IT.

10. Smoky Grilled Salsa



Grilled salsa is pretty unusual but you’ll definitely enjoy dipping your chips in this baby.

11. Shrimp Tacos with Charred Corn Salsa



Shrimp are easy and quick on the grill, and putting them in tacos is quick and easy too.

12. Salmon & Cherry Tomato Skewers over Mexican Green Rice



Skewers are pretty much all the rage during the warm summer months, and this delish recipe is why.

13. Grilled Yuca with Garlic Mojo Sauce



Yuca fries are a great way to add a tasty side dish to any of your mains. Just don’t forget the sauce!

14. Grilled Pineapple Chili Pork Chops



Pork chops may not seem like the usual grilling fare, but you’ll wow your family and friends with these.

15. Chipotle Chicken & Shrimp Fajitas



Fajitas? Yes, please! This delicious plate that’s perfect for the grill will make you a super hostess.

16. Grilled Jicama with Chimichurri



Whoever thought to grill their jicama AND combine it with chimichurri sauce was a genius, hands down.

17. Smoky Margarita with Grilled Citrus



You can’t have a proper outdoor party without a drink, right? Well, you’ll definitely want to try this one.