Guatemala’s Volcano Eruption Leaves Dozens Dead

Guatemala just experienced it’s most violent volcano eruption in more than 100 years

Photo: Unsplash/@yoshginsu

Photo: Unsplash/@yoshginsu

Guatemala just experienced it’s most violent volcano eruption in more than 100 years. On Sunday the country’s Volcán de Fuego erupted for 16 and a half hours and killed at least 33 people. Reports claim that the death toll keeps rising because the hazards are continuing to threaten residents.

A river of lava erupted from the volcano and triggered plumes of smoke in the air that have left the country in disaster. According to CNN, 15 people have been hospitalized—including 12 children. Some of those injured people have suffered severed burns from the lava while others have been buried. This is scary and absolutely devastating.

Not everyone escaped, I think they were buried,” survivor Consuelo Hernandez who hasn’t been able to find her relatives told CNN.”We saw the lava was pouring through the corn fields, and we ran toward a hill.”

While 33 people are reportedly dead, 1.7 million Guatemalans have been severely affected by the volcano—that’s a lot. The smoke from the volcanic ash has already traveled  across a 12-mile radius and they believe it can go even further. Around 3,100 residents have been evacuated. The photos and footage is so tragic, it will literally have you in tears.

But what’s scarier is that officials believe that more volcano eruptions could come. In efforts to help out, hashtags like #VolcanDeFuego and #PrayForGuatemala have already been created to help spread awareness. There’s also a GoFundMe account that is trying to raise $100,000 to aide residents with clean water (since a lot of the water there has been contaminated), food, medicine, blankets, pampers—you name it.

Remezcla mentioned that Ben Powless also started a GoFundMe page and it has already surpassed it’s goal of $1,000—raising $11,524. Guatemala is in a very devastating state right now and can use all the help and assistance they can get. To help, check out some of these GoFundMe pages to donate and let’s keep our prayers with the families affected by this tragic natural disaster.  

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