7 Latina Gut Experts to Follow to Learn More About Gut Health

When your gut feels good, that means your immunity and mental health are good because what you eat has a huge impact on your overall health

Latina gut health experts

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When your gut feels good, that means your immunity and mental health are good because what you eat has a huge impact on your overall health. The problem is that the internet is full of information that may feel confusing and overwhelming when it comes to what you should or shouldn’t eat to maintain gut health. Which is why we love these seven Latinx gut experts who are sharing scientific supported gut facts and providing support to women in search of a more holistic approach. Specialists like Mariana Doria share gut-friendly recipes for inflammation and Dr. Vanessa Mendez busts gut health myths that you may have come across online. Incorporating techniques like good sleeping habits and exercise are going to help improve your gut health .Whether this is a journey in healing that you’ve just started or you’re invested in improving your gut health, these experts are a great resource.


Mariana Doria –  @gutbabe

Photo: Instagram/@gutbabe

Mariana Doria is a gut health expert and yoga instructor who created a platform to help you get your gut in check. Doria routinely posts recipes for gut-friendly meals like her blueberry muffins and a morning shot to help fight cravings throughout the day. The most healing posts on her Instagram are videos of easy-to-make juices incorporating basic foods like carrots, ginger, and oranges that create a healthy environment in your gut. “Our body knows how to heal itself, we just need to help.” she says in one post.


Dr. Vanessa Mendez – @plantbasedgutdoc

Photo: Instagram/@plantbasedgutdoc

Dr. Vanessa Mendez inspires her followers to not only eat more fiber and plant-based foods but also to get to the root cause of poor gut health rather than simply masking it with antibiotics and supplements. In one post she busts the myth that gut health remedies work in the same way for everyone when in fact you should tailor treatments to your specific symptoms. Her tips for finding a good digestive specialist: ask the doctor if they will discuss nutrition and lifestyle with you, the doctor should listen and respond to your questions and concerns, and make sure the specialist is flexible and can adjust therapy plan if you’re not improving as expected.


Laura Ann Villanueva – @eat_your_nutrition

Photo: Instagram/@eat_your_nutrition

Laura Ann Villanueva is a certified holistic nutritionist who shares gut-friendly recipes and nutrition programs. The Restore Your Gut Health program is designed to boost your immune system, recognize food triggers, and nourish your body with whole foods. Not sure how to start your gut health journey? Villanueva offers a beginners guide where you’ll learn about gut flora and how your digestive system is supposed to work.


Candy Calderon – @candycalderon_

Photo: Instagram/@candycalderon_

After Candy Calderon’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she took it upon herself to learn everything she could about health and wellness. She now coaches women around the world with her signature programs including fueling your body, wellness strategies, and amping up your mindset. She’s always sharing health tips, like how aloe vera can benefit your digestive systems, especially if you suffer from constipation.


Dr. Carolina Arreola – @arreola_naturopathic

Photo: Instagram/@arreola_naturopathic

As a licensed naturopathic doctor, it comes as little to no surprise that Dr. Carolina Arreola’s services and professional insight has been in high demand. Her main pieces of advice to her followers? If you want to start eating healthier, begin by adding foods to your diet not restricting. Through Instagram she posts reminders that your body is fully capable of healing itself as long as it’s given the right environment and proper tools to work with.


Linnea Gonzales – @holistic_nay


Photo: Instagram/@holistic_nay

Linnea Gonzales is a health coach and holistic nutritionist who developed a whole food plant-based guide and a gut health 101 guide to help heal and maintain a healthy gut. A quick scroll through her Instagram feed, and you’ll find endless anti-inflammatory recipes as well as reminders to find joy in the little things that can also benefit your health. Every day she chooses ways to benefit her body by going for a long walk, getting some sun, or taking five minutes to breathe deeply.


Alexis Sacco – @_alexissacco

Photo: Instagram/@_alexissacco

Holistic nutritionist Alexis Sacco wants her followers to know that gut health impacts your overall health, affecting your skin, brain, mental clarity, nutrition absorption, and stress levels. Things that can harm your gut microbiome?  Inconsistent sleep patterns, ingredients in processed foods, use of antibiotics, and low stomach acid production. She offers holistic food swaps to improve your gut health along with other helpful tips including seasonal foods to consume and toxins that could harm your gut health.

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