4 Hair Removal Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Hair removal: easier said than done

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Hair removal: easier said than done. We all experience that moment of deep, deep regret once we wax, shave, or epilate. Hair removal can be so tedious and sometimes painful that you’d rather just not do it at all. However, with summer just around the corner, we’ve compiled our favorite, most helpful hair removal tips to take the fuzz off in no time!

Use a Soothing Cream After Shaving

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Skin can get easily irritated after shaving or waxing, especially in super sensitive areas like the bikini line. My favorite is the BikiniZone Gel, which is a medicated cream that aims to soothe and cool skin while getting rid of bumps. I like to apply this product onto dry skin a few minutes after shaving or waxing. Also, a little product goes a long way, so make sure not to use too much. BikiniZone, Target, $6


Buy a Better Razor

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Not into waxing but hate the dryness and itchiness that comes with shaving? Avoid it by using a fresh razor with high quality blades. Bad quality disposable razors or dull blades tend to be the main cause of harshness while shaving, which can cause really annoying and painful irritation. Invest in a razor with good reviews or one that seems to be made with quality blades. Shave in the direction the hair grows in order to avoid nasty ingrown hairs that can also be painful and unsightly. Pro Tip: Men’s razors tend to have a closer shave, and are often cheaper than women’s razors! Harry’s Men’s Razors, Target, $10


Get No-Fuss Wax Products

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If it’s hard to find time during your busy week and you can’t make it to a professional waxer, wax at home. However, be sure to get the right waxing products, and avoid ones that are too messy or complicated to use. I suggest buying wax strips that appropriately fit the area you are trying to wax and are suitable for sensitive skin. Even though wax strips may seem untrustworthy, when used correctly they get the job done without the mess and excess waste.  Parissa Wax Strips, Walmart, $12

wp_*postsUse Baby Oil to Remove Excess Wax

Johnson's baby oil

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Waxed at home and still have some pesky sticky areas? Use baby oil to remove them! The baby oil is gentle enough for the skin, but will still break down the wax enough to get it cleanly off. Any baby oil will do, and you can get it right at your local drugstore. Just be sure to wipe the excess baby oil off to avoid greasiness! Johnson’s Baby Oil, Walgreens, $3

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