4 Hair Removal Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Hair removal: easier said than done. We all experience that moment of deep, deep regret once we wax, shave, or epilate. Hair removal can be so tedious and sometimes painful that you’d rather just not do it at all. However, with summer just around the corner, we’ve compiled our favorite, most helpful hair removal tips to take the fuzz off in no time!

Use a Soothing Cream After Shaving

Bikini zone

Skin can get easily irritated after shaving or waxing, especially in super sensitive areas like the bikini line. My favorite is the BikiniZone Gel, which is a medicated cream that aims to soothe and cool skin while getting rid of bumps. I like to apply this product onto dry skin a few minutes after shaving or waxing. Also, a little product goes a long way, so make sure not to use too much. BikiniZone, Target, $6




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